10 Hot Wedding Trends for 2014

10 Hot Wedding Trends for 2014

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Your wedding day is the most important day of your life. You want to make sure it reflects all of those things that make you and your future spouse special and unique. However, you may also want to ensure that your celebration is timely and current. Therefore, keep abreast of the latest wedding trends that are sweeping the nation.

1. Dainty Invitations

Every ceremony starts with an invitation. In recent years, invitations have been oversized to symbolize the love shared by the couple. Today's invitations are small and sweet. They are also personalized, preferably with customized illustrations designed by the couple.

2. Flavorful Cakes

The traditional white cake that was once a mainstay at weddings is no more. Today's brides are choosing cakes that are packed with flavor. Spring and summer weddings call for delicate flavors like lemon and orange with a soft vanilla butter cream. Fall and winter wedding cakes are richer. Consider chocolate, vanilla, or even a spice cake. Can't decide? Multiple layers call for multiple flavors. Just make sure that guests know they have choices.

3. Dramatic Decor

Glitter, shimmer, and shine is the new look for wedding cakes. For a sophisticated look that fits with the times, ask for a fine shimmer that hits the lights with a soft glow. For a more vibrant look, cakes can be adorned with pearls and crystals.

4. Eclectic Music

From the ceremony to the reception, mixing up musical style is a must in 2014. Compile a list of traditional favorites, today's hits, and a few out-of-the-box ideas. For a fun change of pace, consider a zydeco or klezmer tune. Will there be young children present? Find a song for them as well.

5. Themed Music

If mixing it up is not your style, keep the music in theme with your wedding. If your ceremony is a throwback to the early 20th century, all music can be from that era as well.

6. Flowers Everywhere

Throw out those chevron napkins; that look is so last year. Instead, focus on floral patterns. Flowers can appear on tablecloths, bridesmaids gowns, or anywhere in between.

7. Tree Peony

With flowers adorning the wedding, it only makes sense to take advantage of the top choice for flowers this year. The tree peony is rose-like with both its scent and is many petals. If the flower is not in season during your wedding, don't despair. There are fantastic choices throughout the year. In February and March, reach for lilies and crocuses. April is an ideal time for tulips. Late winter weddings are perfect with poppies.

8. Pretty in Pink

Hot wedding colors come and go. Last year's top color of vibrant red has been replace by its softer sister. In 2014, more brides agree that pink is perfect.

9. Spice Up the Menu

Guests want options when they are sitting down to the celebratory dinner. Make sure one of them is loaded up with heat. More guests are willing to give spicy foods a try, so don't be afraid to say yes to a more diverse menu.

10. New-Fashioned Favors

Pillow boxes of Jordan almonds and frames featuring the happy couple are standard gifts expected at most weddings. However, in 2014, brides are opting for different fare. Having a late night reception? Offer hangover kits, consisting of aspirin and sleep masks. A country wedding coincides well with a gift of gourmet jam. Think of your guests and what they may appreciate rather than what is most common.


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