10 Little Ways to Customize Your NJ Wedding

10 Little Ways to Customize Your NJ Wedding

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“Weddings are important because they celebrate life and possibility,” actress Anne Hathaway once said. What will your wedding be a celebration of? Many couples don’t want to have what some might call a “generic” sort of wedding -- beautiful as it may be, it just doesn’t describe the type of people they are, and the life they hope to have. If you’re celebrating your special day at a wedding venue in NJ, you may want tribute to your Jersey roots with custom touches.

If you want to add small but unique “me” details to your wedding and celebrate your Jersey side, here’s our quick guide of adding in a bit of flair to any ceremony.

Go Local With Your Bouquet

Not every flower has to be imported from 5,000 miles away! In fact, there are a lot of local, beautiful flowers that you and your guests may recognize from your childhoods spent outdoors. Here’s a few flora you can ask your florist about whether it’s for bouquets or for table toppers.

Tiny Touches Make the Difference

From the cake to the decor, there are little ways to add a touch of Jersey to your special day.

  • The wedding cake - did you know that the American goldfinch is New Jersey’s state bird? Here’s a beautiful goldfinch-themed wedding cake from Cake Central that may give you some inspiration for custom Jersey-themed wedding cakes.
  • The DJ’s list - Springsteen’s Jersey Girl is going to be a must-play for one of your first songs. It could also be fun to incorporate some of the romantic lyrics into your wedding invitations, or menu for the night.
  • It’s a Seafood Night - did you grow up by the Jersey shore? Keep this theme going with your menu for the evening. Il Tulipano offers a seafood extravaganza buffet, with options like little neck clams, freshly shucked oysters, and octopus salad.

Drinks Are an Easy Way to Add Local Flair

Did you know that 15% of receptions feature a signature drink? If you’re looking for a way to add some Jersey flair to your big day, look no further than the bar. There’s a few ways you can explore this option.

  • Have you ever tried the New Jersey Squirrel? This is a cocktail made with almond liqueur, applejack, lemon juice and a twist of lemon as a garnish. Slightly fruity and slightly sour, this can be a good way to get the party started at your reception. Check out Absolut’s recipe for this fun drink.
  • Black cherry wishniak is still a popular soda in some parts of South Jersey. You can have a cocktail based around this drink: try the Lady Finger, an elegant mix of cherry brandy and gin.
  • Invest in a New Jersey wine for your guests. Valenzano Winery OCP Merlot 2009 is a top rated local wine according to NJ Monthly, or go with the peachy Bellview Winery OCP Traminette 2010, which retails for only $10 a bottle.

If you’re from New Jersey, don’t hesitate to play up your roots -- whether you’re going for local flowers, or visiting a winery to see your options for local flavors!

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