10 Unconventional Wedding Ideas

10 Unconventional Wedding Ideas

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il Tulipano remains committed and delighted to host weddings all year long. The family owned and operated facility grew from modest beginnings in 1982 to become one of the premier wedding facilities in New Jersey. When looking for inspiration while planning your special day, take a look at some of the most recent trends.

1) Small, Casual Weddings

This cost effective idea allows you to celebrate with the closest of family and friends while encouraging relaxation and fun. Menu options might include canapés and various food stations complimented with the cake and bite-sized treats.

2) Small Bridal Parties

Modern couples are opting for a maid of honor and a best man in the immediate party. Some prefer no bridal party at all. The ever growing choice saves everyone money in the long run while also sparing the feelings of many.

3) Look of Freshly Picked Flowers

Rather than carrying a conventional, tightly wrapped and arranged bouquet, more brides are attracted to the look of a casual bouquet adorned by freshly picked flowers. Create a bouquet of your choosing from seasonal flowers often found in local Farmer's Markets.

4) Mother's Bouquets

In lieu of pinned or cumbersome wrist corsages, the mom's might prefer carrying a small bouquet consisting of flowers similar to those carried by the bride or worn by the groom.

5) Seasonal Cake

If undecided on the style of cake, consider a seasonal theme decorated with real fruit, flowers or similar marzipan recreations. Spring wedding cakes might display any number of colorful choices from lilies of the valley to peonies or tulips. Summer cakes might feature strawberries or small flowers. The beautiful colors of fall present a myriad of options for foliage or woodland themes. An elegant winter wedding might have an all white cake with three-dimensional snowflakes, amaryllis or poinsettias.

6) Cocktail Bar Alternatives

Plan a specialty bar that might highlight drinks made with tequila or perhaps have a martini bar. Health conscious couples might opt for non-alcoholic beverages and specially prepared cocktails made from freshly-squeezed juices and herbal flavoring.

7) Old-Fashioned Soda Fountains

Sure to be a hit with guests of all ages, this is another non-alcoholic bar option. Add a bit of nostalgia and fun to your wedding by offering a fountain manned by traditional soda jerks. The bar might offer fresh fruit-flavored sodas, milkshakes and floats or special desserts.

8) Black and White Photographs

In keeping with the look of nostalgia and the days of yesteryear, many couples are choosing to have at least some of their treasured moments captured in black and white. While some photographers may take the original photos in both color and black and white, others may prefer washing out the color later.

9) Black and White Color Palette

Black and white themed weddings are also on the rise with the color choices affecting everything from the bridal party's dresses and bouquets to the cake, invitations, and décor. Hints of color may be added if desired.

10) Cultural Inspiration

Many brides choose to celebrate the day by incorporating something from their personal cultural or religious heritage. Options include anything from wearing a special adornment to creating a wedding around a central theme.

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