10 Wedding Planning Don’ts!

10 Wedding Planning Don’ts!

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Plenty of people have advice for what you absolutely must do on your wedding day, but what about those things that you you'll regret the next morning? Be sure to avoid the following while in the midst of planning your wedding.

1. Don't Compete with Others

Many brides find inspiration by attending their friends and families weddings, but it shouldn't become a competition to outdo someone else's wedding. Aiming for bigger and better could sometimes turn into one big mess; keep your special day simple!

2. Don't Be a Bridezilla

"Bridezilla" is a term that went mainstream when the TV show of the same name followed brides-to-be as they spun out of control, with their wedding dates looming ever closer. Of course, the producers made brides seem worse than they really are, but there is no reason to treat others poorly because you're stressed out.

3. Don't Forget Mr. Right

You aren't the only one getting married; your fiancé is, too. Let him have a say if he wants. Remember to spend time with him and to remain kind to one another as your wedding inches closer.

4. Don't Be a Doormat

More brides and grooms are paying out of pocket than ever before, which means that what you say goes. Don't bow to pressure from loved ones to do things or invite people who won't make your day memorable for you.

5. Don't Do It (All) Yourself

You may be crafty, but you're also going to be plenty busy. Attempt cutting costs by using your own talents, but don't stress yourself out trying a DIY project that could end in a disaster.

6. Don't Have a Destination Wedding

An overwhelming amount of newlyweds want to get married on the beach in the tropics, but many of your loved ones won't be able to make it. If you're dead set on that ocean-side wedding, consider heading somewhere local such as Florida or Cape Cod, so that more guests can attend.

7. Don't Make Them Pay Their Own Way

Your friends and family want to celebrate your nuptials with you, but you're hosting this party. Unless you're having a potluck reception, it's bad taste to expect attendees to bring their own supplies and money. This goes for the bar as well.

8. Don't Go Broke

Yes, you only hope to marry once in your life. No, it's not worth having the bank repossess your house to pay for it. For most couples, you should have a set budget in place.

9. Don't Pick Ridiculous Times

Any time before noon to have your wedding can be inconvenient, but it's even worse when you make people drive a long distance to get there. Your wedding reception should be fair for the majority of your guests.

10. Don't Forget Gratefulness

Your parents, fiancé, bridal party and your guests are traveling to celebrate with you. They're bringing their smiling faces and gifts; show you appreciate their attendance by personally thanking them at the reception.


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