3 Reasons to Have an Unplugged Wedding

3 Reasons to Have an Unplugged Wedding

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Recently, weddings have gone digital, with more and more couples using wedding websites and personalized wedding hashtags — but some couples are leaning in the opposite direction, choosing to step back and unplug on their big day. Here are 3 reasons to have an unplugged wedding.

Your Photos Will Be Better

You’ve probably seen albums circulating on social media of professionally taken wedding photos that portray a beautiful moment.. with 20+ smartphones held in the air to capture it, too. You’re paying your wedding photographer to document this once-in-a-lifetime moment, but many of your guests will be so eager to capture it themselves, they may accidentally block his or her shot. Having an unplugged wedding (or at least an unplugged wedding ceremony) will help your guests focus on enjoying the moment while also giving your photographer room to capture it.

Guests Will Be Free To Enjoy The Event

You are spending a lot of money to put on a stellar wedding, and you want an environment of engaging conversation, dancing, and fun, rather than a bunch of people sitting at round tables looking at their phones. To get people excited about the idea of an unplugged wedding, perhaps make a game out of silly, crazy dancing, since none of it will be photographed and accidentally shared on social media. You can also encourage lively dinner conversations by having icebreaker questions on the table. The key to an enjoyable and successful unplugged wedding is providing plenty of opportunities for guests to have a great time without picking up their phones.

You’ll Avoid Awkward Moments

There are plenty of horror stories that involve grooms catching a glimpse of their brides too early on the wedding day, whether through a Facebook post shared by a bridesmaid or someone else; but that’s not the only way things can get awkward. Trimming your guest list is always difficult, and you probably had to make a few hard decisions. You’d hate for Aunt Sally to see that your cousin Brenda was at the wedding, when Aunt Sally wasn’t invited. An unplugged wedding will help to avoid these issues. Additionally, some guests may not want their photos shared online for privacy reasons.

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