3 Reasons Why You Should Rent a Photobooth for Your Wedding Day

3 Reasons Why You Should Rent a Photobooth for Your Wedding Day

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When you begin to plan a wedding, there are hundreds of decisions to make. Indoor or outdoor? Large or small? Formal or casual? Thankfully, there’s one decision that is easy to make. When deciding if you should have a photobooth at your wedding, the answer is always yes! Photobooths fit into all weddings, regardless of size, formality, or venue. Read on to learn why you should rent a photobooth for your wedding day.

Photobooths Entertain Guests

The number one reason you should rent a photobooth for your wedding day is that it will help keep guests entertained. People love dressing up, being silly, and snapping photos of themselves. You’ll be surprised how busy the photobooth stays throughout the event.

Obviously, you want guests to have a good time and enjoy your wedding day. Renting a photobooth gives them another option for something to do when their eyes aren’t glued to the two of you at key moments throughout the day.

Don’t forget about props! Your rental should include plenty, but consider investing in a few extras that fit your personality. Quirky props make the best photos.

Photobooths Create  Affordable Favors

Most photobooth rentals include printed photos. Let your guests keep their photos for a unique favor that will remind them of how much fun they had at your wedding. Want to take things a step further? Include a crafting station where your guests can decorate a frame or turn their photo into a keepsake ornament. You’ll be providing them with something unique that they can cherish for years to come.

Photobooths Preserve Memories

How we take photos at weddings has changed pretty dramatically in the past couple decades. Couples used to leave disposable cameras on the tables at the reception so guests could capture candids throughout the event. Most photos ended up blurry and unusable, though. Now, most couples choose a wedding day hashtag to keep everything searchable on Instagram. Unfortunately, most Instagram photos end up being stuffy and formal. They’ll be beautiful, but they won’t necessarily capture the personality of your guests or your reception. Having a photobooth gives guests an opportunity to take a one-off photo that is only for their eyes and yours. You’ll be surprised how silly people get.

Looking for other ways to customize your wedding? We will work with you to create a flawless experience that fits your tastes. Contact us to learn more about our venue or request a tour.


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