3 Spring Wedding Ideas for a Bride on a Budget

3 Spring Wedding Ideas for a Bride on a Budget

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Love is in the air, and there’s still so much to do before the big day! Sticking to your budget can be difficult which is why we’ve compiled our 3 best spring wedding ideas for a bride on a budget. Read on to learn what you can do to have a great spring wedding - without blowing your entire budget in one place.

Skip The Expensive Floral Arrangements

How you save money on weddings depends on whether you’ll be indoors or outdoors. (Learn the pros and cons of both options.) If you’ve chosen an outdoor spring wedding, there’s no need to double down on expensive flowers. Nature will provide a beautiful array of flowers and greenery for you and your guests to enjoy. Instead, spend your money on rain backups like umbrellas and a tent so you can rest easy no matter what the weather brings.

If you’ve chosen to be indoors instead, consider posting online asking if anyone has a garden you can raid for your flowers. Chances are that you know someone (or a handful of people) who have beautiful flowers they’d be willing to donate in lieu of a wedding gift. Better yet, plant flowers in your own yard right now so they’ll be ready for your wedding day!

Save Money on the Cake

Most budget brides are terrified to tackle the cake, but you don’t have to be a baker to take this one on. You could always make the cake from scratch yourself, but if you aren’t comfortable going full out baker for the big day, head over to Sam’s Club or Costco for the best deal on budget cakes. Instead of asking for a wedding cake, order three simple white cakes in different sizes. Then, just stack them on a cake stand for a simple wedding cake that doesn’t break the bank. Want a little color? Use flowers to decorate. It is spring after all. If you really want a beautiful cake from your favorite baker (we completely understand), consider using styrofoam for some of the tiers and serving sheet cake to make up the difference. Talk to your baker about your budget and see what he or she can do to make your dream cake a reality.

Don’t Go Crazy With Favors

Favors are typically given out at a wedding, but most guests don’t really care about them. Consider using favors that double as activities such as photobooth photos or caricatures. S’mores tables, candy buffets, and lemonade stands are also popular favors that can bring fun to the party. If you really want something on the table for your guests to take home, try to make it yourself so you can save money. Some brides make each guest a candle, custom soap, or potpourri to commemorate the occasion. Whatever you choose to do, remember that your guests are more concerned about spending the day with you than taking something home.

Need more help creating a wedding budget? Check out these 5 tips for a workable wedding budget and 10 ways to save money on your wedding.

One of the most important aspects of any spring wedding is your venue. If you still haven’t chosen one, be sure to check out il Tulipano. Contact us to learn more or book your wedding today.


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