3 Wedding Cake Tasting Tips

3 Wedding Cake Tasting Tips

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Cake tasting should be one of the most fun parts of the wedding planning process. It’s just the two of you, maybe some family, or friends, and a ton of delicious cake samples. But what do you need to do to really be prepared for this event? Read on for 3 wedding cake tasting tips that will make your day as productive as it is yummy.

Know What You Want

If you have specific cake flavors you would like to try, be sure to let the baker know ahead of time. Usually, your baker will have you fill out a form with taste profiles before the cake testing. If yours doesn’t, be sure to send any flavors to include/avoid as well as allergy information. You don’t want your baker to spend a ton of time preparing for a tasting with all flavors you won’t like or to forget to include that one off-the-wall flavor you’re dying to try. Need some inspiration? Check out these 9 popular wedding cake flavors and 5 awesome and delicious wedding cakes.

Have A Plan To Remember What You Liked

You’ll be amazed how many flavors of cake are out there, and how many of them taste amazing. Come prepared with a plan of attack that will help you remember the flavors you like. We recommend noting the name of each sample, notes about how it tastes, and having each person tasting rate it on scale of 1-10. You may want to take pictures of each sample as well if that will help you keep track.

Plan for a Round Two

Save a little bit of any sample that really hits the spot because you may end up with more flavors you love than layers of cake. Be prepared to go back through all of the flavors you love to find the ones that work well together in order to end up with the best options. When it comes time to narrow things down, remember that your wedding cake isn’t just for you. It’s for everyone in attendance. Try to have at least one or two options that will be familiar to most guests, and save the exotic flavors for smaller tiers.

Planning a wedding takes a lot of organizing, and cake tasting is only a small part of it. Still need a venue for your big day? Learn more about il Tulipano or contact us today to schedule a tour.

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