4 Hobby Inspired Weddings

4 Hobby Inspired Weddings

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When it comes to planning a wedding, every bride and groom want their wedding to stand out from the pack. They want it to be a wedding that both they and their guests will never forget. So how do you do this?

A hobby that the two of your share, and perhaps even brought you together, might be the perfect way to make your wedding the ultimate memorable wedding.

Here are some hobby inspired weddings that other couples have tried, to great success!

1. Travel

Are the two of you big jetsetters, always off to one location or the other, a suitcase or backpack in hand? Then a travel themed wedding might be a good way to showcase this unique hobby that the two of you share. Everything from a boarding pass wedding invitation, to tables labeled with destinations that you’ve been to, to exotic foods that you’ve eaten on the menu, or wines from specific regions. With this theme, the possibilities are endless.


2. Wine

Wine is divine! Sharing a passion for wine, wine tasting, and finding the perfect pairing (like the two of you), is a hobby that many of us indulge in – and the perfect theme for a wedding. You can involve wine tasting in your wedding, provide different pairing with foods (along with a little explanation card), and even produce your very own labeled bottles for the wedding, which your guests can take home a red and a white.


3. Golfing

Time for tee off! Golf is a fantastic game enjoyed by people of all ages and walks of life. If you and your partner share this common interest, then a golf themed wedding may be for you. Set your wedding in a country club, where guests can take advantage of the course either before or after the big day, put down a fake grass lawn in your reception area and encourage people to play putt putt, and even top your cake with a little pair of miniature golfers.


4. Music

The pair of you love and/or play music? Then you might like to indulge in a music themed wedding. While it’s easy enough to find a band and a playlist that you like for the occasion, there are so many more possibilities for the music themed wedding. Perhaps either or both of you get up on stage and play a song, your place cards feature musical facts on them, your invitations look like sheet music, or you even give your guests music USBs at the end of the evening for a little memento.

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Il Tulipano can help with the concept, design, and setting of your hobby inspired wedding, whatever your chosen theme may be. Our experienced staff love to work with clients who have interesting and unique ideas that they’d like to implement in their wedding, from the ceremony to the reception. Contact us today and find out more about how our venue and services could be the perfect place for your dream hobby themed wedding.

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