4 Most Popular Wedding Trends of 2018

4 Most Popular Wedding Trends of 2018

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Wedding trends are always changing, and many of the trends in 2018 stand in stark contrast to previous trends. Read on to learn the 4 most popular wedding trends happening in 2018; we hope you’ll find one or two you can use on your special day.

Jewel Tones and Sentimental Themes

Colors have always been one of the first elements that brides-to-be consider when planning a wedding, and in 2018, recent pastel trends have given way to bright jewel tones. Rich, deep colors like emerald, sapphire, and violet are striking and can be beautiful wedding colors regardless of the season. There is also another growing trend influencing wedding colors today; more and more brides are casting color palettes aside in exchange for sentimental, theme-based concepts like “cozy cabin on a lake,” or “fairy rose garden.” These themes dictate a feeling that goes beyond color, and usually brides using this method have a much more extensive color palette rather than working with just two or three colors.

Intimate Wedding Parties

Have you seen pictures of massive wedding parties and wondered how anyone could have that many close friends? This year, wedding parties are getting smaller and more intimate. Many couples are choosing to have just one or two attendants rather than dealing with the scheduling nightmare of a very large bridal party.

Dogwood and Baby’s Breath

Keep your florals simple with beautiful dogwood branches and baby’s breath — both of which are affordable, lovely to look at, and are readily available at your local florist. Simple bouquets have been trending for awhile, but these two flowers are making quite the comeback in 2018.

Experience Over Favors

More now than ever before, couples are choosing to phase out traditional wedding favors in order to provide their guests with unique experiences. With photo booths, caricature artists, henna stations, lipstick touch-up stations, and unique cocktails, desserts, and food, couples are focusing more on providing a memorable experience for their guests, and have recently begun skipping favors entirely to dedicate funds to the entertainment to keep in line with more modern wedding trends.

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