4 Things to Consider When Booking Your NJ Wedding Venue

4 Things to Consider When Booking Your NJ Wedding Venue

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When you have your wedding in New Jersey, you’ll never run out of options when it comes to choosing a beautiful wedding venue for your ceremony. However, all of these options can be somewhat overwhelming.

Here are the four most important factors every venue should have in order to make your wedding the beautiful and memorable experience it deserves to be.

Does it have the right ambiance?

How does the venue feel as soon as you walk inside? If it does not inspire magic right away, then it may not be the right place for you. You want your venue to embody every emotion you experience on your wedding day. All the happiness, the magical moments, and the vibration of excitement should be palpable for you, your groom, and all of your guests.

Everything from the food to the decorations should fit your wedding perfectly. If you have specific décor in mind, make sure your venue can accommodate your needs, and don’t be afraid to ask questions.

Always request a tour of your venue before making any final decisions so that you know for sure how it feels. At Il Tulipano, we offer tours for all four of our wedding spaces, giving you the chance to ask us how we can make each space special for you and your guests.

Can it accommodate your guests?

Along with the feel of a space, the size is the other most important element you need to consider when booking your New Jersey wedding venue. How many guests you invite and how long you plan on celebrating will all determine which venue you choose.

If a certain venue has a limit on the amount of people they can house, then this will greatly influence your guest list. If your guest list is set, then finding a venue large (or small) enough can be a challenge. Our advice is to look into venues that offer different spaces for different events, giving you the chance to pick the space that’s right for you.

Additionally, when you think about size, think about whether your wedding ceremony and reception are indoor or outdoor. While some venues offer smaller indoor spaces, their outdoor wedding space can be large and accommodating. This means you will have to ask yourself what time of year your ceremony is and whether you want to enjoy the outdoors or stay snug inside.

What type of wedding vendors do you need?

Many venues will offer you a list of approved wedding vendors in New Jersey, ranging from caterers to DJs to local bakeries, in order to give you an idea of what’s available. Our advice is to look at venues first before deciding on vendors, as sometimes, specific vendors are unavailable during blackout dates or at certain venues. However, if you have a specific vendor in mind, make sure your venue of choice is willing and able to work with them before making your final decisions.

If you do have a specific DJ or caterer, find a venue that works with them specifically in order to make your decision-making process that much easier. Narrowing down your decision based on vendors can limit your venue options, but it will also give you a smaller pool to choose from which can reduce excess wedding planning stress.

What is your wedding budget?

Finally, the price point of your choice venue should influence your final decision. Remember that certain times of the year and even certain days of the week will have a higher price tag, so it can help to be a little flexible with your big day if you want to get a fair price.

You can also consider having your ceremony and reception in the same place. Many venues offer a wedding package for both the ceremony and reception, which gives you a better price for more accommodations, including seating, catering, and wedding services among other things.

If you’re interested in having your venue host your entire wedding, be sure to ask if that is available on your dates during your tour. Also be sure to ask about extra fees, including taxes, alcohol fees, and parking, as these can add up later and will influence whether or not you decide to choose a certain venue.

Which wedding venue will you choose?

Consider all four of these things at each venue you look at. Your checklist may have other requirements on it, but these top four should help you narrow down the long list of wedding venues in New Jersey.

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