5 Awesome (and Delicious!) Wedding Cakes

5 Awesome (and Delicious!) Wedding Cakes

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Your wedding cake is a work of art, not to mention delicious. And cutting the cake is one of the moments you, your new husband, and all of your guests will be waiting for. But before they feast on the delicacy that is your cake, give their eyes something to feast on while they wait. If you're having a summer wedding, you can have your pick of the wedding cake design trends. This summer the styles of cakes range from simple and class to quirky and nude, all depending on your personal taste and style. These 5 awesome cakes are our favorites, and we've designed this list to help you decide on the perfect wedding cake.

Explore Your Flavor Palette - Chai Spice Cake

Chocolate. Vanilla. Strawberry. Those are the fail-proof flavors: always delicious, always duplicated, and never a complaint in the house, not even from the children's table. But this summer, if you want to veer off from the expected flavor trends, there are some spicy options you can consider. This Chai Spice Latte cake with a savory cinnamon icing could be the quirky taste you are looking for. The cinnamon cuts the spicy bite of the chai with the perfect amount of sweetness, and the latte-esque cake batter adds a creamy touch to the fluffy cake. This flavor is gaining popularity among bakeries and cake connoisseurs, so ask your favorite bakehouse for a taste of their Chai Spice before you commit. Some bakeries may make theirs spicier than the next, so ask about a little latte addition. Vegan milks work great too!

Get Naked - Icing-less Angel Food Cake

Nudity does not have to wait until the wedding night. Nude cakes are taking over summer weddings this year, and many brides are leaving the icing behind in order to enjoy the beauty of the cake itself. Garnishing the cake with fresh flowers rather than sugary confections is both healthy and beautiful, and the cake looks especially gorgeous at outdoor weddings because you do not have to worry about the icing melting. Fresh fruit also makes a great garnish, and your guests can pick of their favorite fruits as they reach for their slice. But if you're craving icing, go for a tiered nude cake. This one is our favorite. The simple angel food cake recipe interwoven with fresh whipped vanilla icing and topped with strawberries is a simplistic favorite that will inspire every guest for seconds, maybe even thirds. For a really inspiring flavor, try different icings, like lavender, cinnamon, or even mint.

Do It Yourself - Berry Cake

Let your creative side fly by baking and decorating your own wedding cake. This is a great project the bridal party can take part in, and the cake will taste that much more delicious because it was made by the most important person in the wedding - you! Don't be overwhelmed by recipes and cake designs, because this cake is beautiful in its simplicity. Three tiers of different sizes of your favorite cake flavor, add vanilla icing, and top with your choice of berries. The famous trio of strawberries, blueberries, and raspberries always create a flawless look, but if you want to go the extra mile, try blackberries. The sweetness of the cake will counteract the slightly bitter flavor if the berry, and the gorgeous contrast of their purpley-black against the stark white icing may turn more heads than your wedding dress.

Tie Dye Your Cake

This cake is taken right off the runway, inspired by the flow and folds of this summer's hottest fashions. The pastel beauty of this three-tiered cake is in the intricacy of the pleated fondant on the bottom two layers. It requires a professional touch, so contact your bakehouse with this image and ask how they can make it your own. You can choose to dye the fondant with food coloring or go the extra mile by having it hand painted with colored icings. Underneath the icing, surprise your guests with a tie dye cake batter, which can easily be done by adding food coloring to vanilla or yellow cakes.

Let Them Have Pie

Nothing says summer more than apple pie. And these pie pops are exactly what your wedding reception is looking for. While the guests may be expecting cake, you can surprise them with their own personal pie pops, and their convenient little size makes it easy to eat two, or three, or four. Add cutouts to the pies in the shape of hearts, circles, or even the initials of you and your groom. And if apple pie isn't exactly your favorite flavor, we always enjoy multiple options when it comes to dessert. Create apple, cherry, and blueberry pies, and label each on the table with place settings. These pie pops go exceptionally well with country or bohemian themed weddings, and their simple display can go a long way with your guests.

Remember, your wedding cake design is entirely up to you. We hope our list of these 5 awesome cakes inspires you to explore new and exciting options at the bakery. Remember, Il Tulipano lists our favorite vendors on our website. If you don't know where to start, visit us here or give us a call and ask for recommendations. We are here to help you plan your wedding!


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