5 Best Frugal But Romantic Wedding Dates of the Year

5 Best Frugal But Romantic Wedding Dates of the Year

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$26,444. That’s the average cost of a wedding in the U.S. right now. While some couples may see this as a “doable” figure, for others, that’s the money they’d rather spend on a down payment for a new house.

There are numerous ways you can cut costs on your wedding without cutting quality, and the first way to start is with the date. If your heart isn’t set on a summer wedding, avoid August and September; these are, traditionally, the busiest (and therefore the priciest) months for weddings. December, thanks to the holidays, also experiences an influx in demand.

When you opt for off-season dates, you not only have less competition for your wedding venue, but you also have more room to choose your ideal wedding package and to negotiate with your vendors, from the florist to the cake baker.

When should you get married? Here are 5 ideal dates, as well as tips for making your frugal celebration a day to remember.

December 3rd

A 2014 U.K. study ranked Dec. 3 as the “most romantic day of the year.” While December does tend to experience an uptick in popularity, booking for a date very early in the month can help avoid the holiday craze.

Winter can be a surprisingly cozy time to get married, and lends itself well to an affordable celebration. Not feeling like throwing down $30 per centerpiece? Try making this easy but elegant pine branch candle centerpiece from Pinterest.

March 14th

Unlike the U.S., Japan essentially celebrates two “Valentine’s Days”; one where the women gift the men, and another where the men gift the women. March 14 is known as “white day” and is when men give chocolate and gifts to women.

While you may not be Japanese, this can be a unique date to celebrate. Going with an “all white” theme can be festive, as this Huffington Post article illustrates, as well as a way to save money. Gladiolus are a cheap and beautiful white wedding flower, and simple white table linens and decorations can be very affordable while still looking exceedingly elegant.

February 10th

February 10, 1840 was a Monday. This was the day Queen Victoria of England married Prince Albert. Their love was legendary, and many wedding traditions we recognize today can be traced back to their wedding, including the white dress and the wedding cake. Her dress, in fact, has been called “ the white dress that changed wedding history.”

While you may not be getting married to a prince (at least, not in title), you,too can choose a less traditional day of the week for your wedding ceremony.

Saturday is a popular choice because it’s easier for people to take time off, sure. If you have a smaller wedding party, though, a Thursday or Friday wedding might be extremely doable for you and your guests.

March 7th

What’s the world’s favorite number? According to Alex Bellos, a mathematician, the world’s favorite number is 7, followed by 3 -- giving you March 7. Even if hate the number 7, using your and your future spouse’s favorite number to create a unique wedding date can be a fun way to “randomly” choose a time that avoids the high-competition months.

And when it comes to getting those lucky low numbers for your wedding budget, one place you can save is the cake. Cakes are pricier when they are larger, cut into more generous pieces, and dressed with fondant. A buttercream, or even a “naked” cake (no frosting) will shave real money off your budget while still being delicious. Investing in a display cake with a larger but plainer cake to cut from in the back, can also be a great idea that still gives you something for the photographs.

May 1st

On the first of May in the Czech Republic, young couples go to the statue of Karel Hynek Mácha to reminisce and lay flowers. Mácha was a famous Czech romantic poet, and one of his most famous works is the love poem “May.”

Whether or not you and your beloved have an appreciation for 19th century poetry, one thing is clear: May is a great time to get married if you like warmer weather, but not the high costs that can come with a traditional summer wedding.

How can you save money on your May day wedding? With spring comes a feeling of lightness. While you might feel as though your guests expect an open bar, many will be content to have a few quality drinks that evening -- especially if they’ll be driving. Choose a few favorite beers, wines, and signature cocktails for the night that will help to add a personal touch to the gathering. One great idea for a refreshing spring cocktail is a strawberry basil margarita.

What's your wedding date?

Have you said “yes” to the wedding, but “no” to the budget so far? Hopefully these romantic yet affordable wedding dates and tips will help move you forward in setting on a date and booking your wedding venue!

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