5 Creative DIY Wedding Invitation Ideas

5 Creative DIY Wedding Invitation Ideas

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One of the most important aspects of any traditional wedding is the classic customized wedding invitation. This will be your first opportunity to put your own personal stamp on your wedding and to set the tone for the wedding's style and feel. The wedding invitation will often be the first element of the event that your friends and family encounter, so it's crucial to make it perfect and in line with your overall vision for your special day.

The Do-It-Yourself Invitation

Unfortunately, getting someone to design and print wedding invitations can be a major expense for couples already trying to stretch every penny of their wedding budgets. An affordable, do-it-yourself invitation allows you to control every aspect of the development of your invitations, from design to production. High-quality inkjet printers are now more affordable than ever, so many people already have the means to produce attractively-printed invitations on a variety of papers and materials. Other tools you may need include a paper cutter, strong adhesive, scissors, rulers, a paper folder and envelopes, aside from the materials for the invitations themselves. Also consider special, wedding-themed fonts and clip-art, many examples of which are available for free or for a few dollars.

Simple DIY Designs

To help you get started on your own invitations, here are five simple, affordable design ideas that should spark your creative powers.

The Layered Look

This look uses two contrasting layers to create a striking, noticeable invitation. Choose a pattern like stripes or polka dots for the back layer, and then glue a solid-colored layer over this, allowing the colorful backing to peak out from behind. Text and art can be printed in advance on the solid layer, and then the two layers can be assembled. Be sure to measure carefully before cutting paper to make sure the look is consistent between invitations.

The Beauty of Hand-made Paper

For a classic, old-fashioned look, mount pieces of hand-made paper on cardstock for sturdiness. This serves as the background for the somewhat smaller text layer, which can be centered within the background of handmade paper. Be sure to use doubled-sided tape to prevent glue from bleeding through the delicate, hand-made paper.


Simple ink stamps are an easy way to add an illustration to your invitation without relying only on clip-art. Choose stamp images that match the theme of your wedding, and then add stamps to blank areas on simpler, layer-style invitations with large blocks of solid color.

Lacey Elegance

For a three-dimensional, elegant touch, cut pieces of lace for a border around the card stock of your invitations. The lace can be glued down and then folded around the back of the card stock, which can then be covered with cream-colored paper as a finishing touch.

Easy Stickers

Arts and Crafts stores are filled with rolls of stickers in all kinds of designs, from the serious to the comical. Choose a set of stickers that work for your wedding's style, and apply them in the same place on each invitation for consistency.


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