5 Must Read Tips for Brides Planning a Holiday Wedding

5 Must Read Tips for Brides Planning a Holiday Wedding

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They say the holiday season is "the most wonderful time of the year." A romantic winter wedding makes the holiday season that much brighter. There are special challenges that brides planning holiday weddings need to work around. Save yourself a headache by being sure to keep the following tips in mind as you plan.

1. Send Save the Dates - Many couples choose to send save the date cards before their wedding. However, these announcements are not required by wedding etiquette. The exception to that rule is when a couple is planning a wedding during the summer and the holidays. The holiday season is so jam packed for many families, that they really do need the extra notice of your nuptials. Send save the dates as soon as you decide upon your wedding date and guest list. If you are planning your wedding a year in advance, be sure to send save the date announcements six months prior to your wedding date. Your guests are an important part of your wedding day, so give them plenty of notice to ensure they are able to attend.

2. Plan and Book in Advance - The holiday season is not only a busy time for families, it is also a hectic time of year for many wedding vendors. With corporate holiday parties and dinners, venues, entertainment companies and caterers are often booked solid well in advance of the season. To ensure you get the venue of your dreams plan at least one year in advance of your date.

3. Ask Venues About Decorations - Many people love decorating for the holidays and businesses are no exception. Often your venders will be decorated for the duration of the holiday season, which can be an advantage to holiday brides. Ask your venue what you can expect, if anything, in terms of their holiday decorations and take advantage of their beautifully decked halls.

4. Create a Contingency Plan - While winter wedding pictures look breathtaking with a fresh blanket of sparkling snow on the ground, this inclement weather poses a potential problem for travelers. Be optimistic, but also realistic, about the possibility that winter wedding may alter your plans. To help prepare, ask guests that are traveling to plan a two to three day buffer period, where they are not in danger of missing the wedding because they missed their first flight. Discuss with your venue and vendor what happens in the event of a severe winter storm. Lastly, though many people laugh at the idea, you may want to consider wedding insurance. This gives you peace of mind that if your big day has to be moved to another date, your money is not lost and gone forever.

5. Incorporate the Season into the Wedding - Have fun planning a holiday wedding and incorporate the holiday spirit and cheer into your big day. Consider a cookie decorating bar for younger (or young at heart) guests. Serve specialty drinks such as eggnog or a creamy hot chocolate, with an Irish cream liqueur for those of age. Play seasonal songs and be sure to have some mistletoe near the head table.
Planning a wedding during the holidays does require that couples plan farther in advance to accommodate for this busy time of year. Don't forget to enjoy the beauty of the holiday season in addition to preparing for your wedding. Contact Il Tulipano today to discuss the details of your magical winter wedding.

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Aaron Armstrong posted on: December 4, 2014

Holiday wedding is a perfect time to every couple because they can spend enough time for the preparation. I will follow your tips for me to not become stressed. Thank you!

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