5 Reasons to Warm Up to a Winter Wedding in NJ

5 Reasons to Warm Up to a Winter Wedding in NJ

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Why get married in the winter? While many people may think of this as a chilly time of the year to get hitched, there are arguably numerous reasons this season might be the one for you. Here are five reasons to warm up to a winter wedding in NJ.

More Affordable

While many of us think of the holidays as a time when we spend more money, in actuality, winter can be a great time to save money if you’re planning a wedding. Why? Late spring and summer are traditionally the most popular times of the year for weddings. Not surprisingly, this means that everything during the winter tends to be cheaper. Thanks to off-season pricing you’ll be able to get more competitive prices on everything from your limousine, to your caterer.

Availability: You’re the Top Event

Tying in with the above, in the summer, you’ll be on everyone’s calendar -- along with numerous other weddings, events, and family vacations. Winter is typically a slower time of year, meaning that you’ll need to worry less about whether your best friend from college already has plans that weekend, or whether your aunt needs to attend a high school graduation ceremony.

Unique Look

Winter is not a synonym for “boring” and your wedding photos will be anything but. Many venues are, if anything, more exceptional in the winter owing to holiday decorations or the background of snow seen through the windows. Many brides enjoy our tulip terrace, which gives far sweeping views of the surrounding area, while the skylight helps to keep things light.

New Jersey is an Amazing Location in the Winter

Planning on having a lot of out-of-town guests? Winter is a great time to invite them thanks to all the local events going on every month that are always within a few hour’s drive. Winter Fest is taking place in Hackettstown this February, and Skylands Stadium is hosting its first ever “Frozen in Ice” event, with over 100 ice sculptures, including a 50 foot ice slide for kids, and an ice bar for the adults! While events will vary year by year, there’s always something going on that keeps the chill “cool.”

More Creativity for You

If you’re looking for a way to make your wedding stand out from the crowd, consider having it in winter 2017. Why? Most people have seen the same rotation of signature drinks and reception hall decor at summer weddings. But winter gives you a chance to mix things up. Have a toasty hot toddie or hot buttered rum as your unique cocktail that keeps away the cold! Our coffee flambe is another chill-chasing option. Another way to make this season yours: consider having a winter decor theme for a truly fresh look: white flowers, silver settings, etc.

Do you feel yourself warming up to a winter wedding in NJ? If so, keep our venue at the top of your list for winter 2017!

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