5 Tips for Putting the Hocus Pocus in Your Halloween Wedding

5 Tips for Putting the Hocus Pocus in Your Halloween Wedding

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For most people, Halloween means a variety of traditions: trick-or-treating, pumpkin carving, costume contests, etc. For a small percentage of engaged couples each year, Halloween becomes a celebration of the ultimate tradition: a wedding.

While the first reaction many people may have to a Halloween wedding is, “Say that again?!” it can actually be a great and unique choice for couples already searching for something less traditional (and not to mention inexpensive!). If you’re not worried about what your bridesmaids wear, why not encourage them to be vampires -- or a coven of witches? The event lends itself to some serious decorating fun, as well.

Though it might be a little late in the year to begin planning a 2015 Halloween wedding, here are 5 great ideas you can use next year for a spooktacular celebration.

1. Go for a Specific Halloween Wedding Theme

Halloween seems fairly explanatory, right? Actually, there’s such a wide range of approaches you can take that you’re going to want to nail it down now, rather than realize halfway through that you have 20 good ideas, but no uniting theme.

Some couples go the approach of scary Halloween; the food will look like severed fingers, the bride’s dress will have smears of blood, and so forth, like this brilliantly gory zombie cake.

Halloween wedding zombie cake


Others, though, will opt for a more nuanced approach. Instead of looking haunted, your wedding venue will look magical, sure to entrance your guests and provide the unique and picture-perfect backdrop for your big day.

The bride’s bouquet will be of fall foliage with a touch of darkness and the color scheme will be reds and tans, not orange and black.

Halloween bouquet ideas


2. Eerie Accessories

When you have a non-traditional wedding theme, the doors are open to a highly creative approach. Don’t just add pumpkins to your save-the-date invitations; why not print them on an image of an ouija board, or a tombstone?

Try and think outside the box when it comes to each aspect of your wedding. Sure, you could get cheap cotton webbing from a party store for your venue. But alternatively: you can check out sites like Pinterest and eHow for unique ideas, like making giant spider webs out of rope, old tshirts or yarn.

3. The Perfect Potions

We know one thing guests love to check out at a wedding, besides the dress, the decor and the relatives, and that’s the bar. This is a great opportunity to go all out on themed drink.

Pumpkin martinis, black cats, hard ciders and “blood” punch make for great, easy drink. For something truly memorable, try HGTV’s “Bloody Orange Cocktail,” which makes use of party store syringes, raspberry syrup, and is both shocking and tasty.

4. The Most Ghoulish Reception

Your wedding reception is, for many people, going to be the most memorable Halloween party of their lives. This isn’t just a hastily decorated party in someone’s basement; it’s your wedding! Consider investing in a few extras that can truly help set the atmosphere.

Set up your wedding space with tapered candles to give off a warm and romantic glow as you and your guests are dining.

Halloween decoration ideas


A fortune teller or a tarot card reader could be great to have in a spooky dark corner; alternatively, if you’re interested in games and activities, many reception classics can be tailored for a Halloween bash.

The point is that a non-traditional wedding date opens up so many opportunities for creativity that why not take it?

5. A Spine-Chilling Surprise

Let’s face it: Halloween is one of the few times of the year people want to be frightened. If you’ve committed to having your wedding on Halloween, why not have a surprise scare for your guests? This can range from having “zombies” jump out when the officiant asks for any objections, to lights flickering and a dry ice mist filtering through just before the bride walks down the aisle. While the temptation to do something with fake blood might be strong, keep in mind: not everyone wants to wear red corn syrup for the next five hours.

If you’ve decided to trick or treat down the aisle with your loved one, now’s the perfect time to start planning. Keep these 5 tips in mind for having the best wedding this side of the underworld!

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