5 Ways to a More Creative Cocktail Hour

5 Ways to a More Creative Cocktail Hour

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Jazzing up a cocktail hour for your wedding has never been easier. Guests can mingle with one another, reminisce about memories of the bride and groom while thoroughly enjoying the cocktail event that you host at your wedding with these great ideas. Help your guests loosen up and perhaps even spark a new romance amongst them with the following five ideas for hosting a more creative cocktail hour.

1. Create a wedding-themed cornhole game set

Simply purchase some plain cornhole game set pieces from a discount department store or create your own from wood. Then, paint a silhouette of you and your husband on each cornhole game set piece. Your guests will love celebrating the wedding of their beloved friends with this amazing game during a cocktail hour.

2. Hire a caricature artist to create sketches

Imagine having your very own artist available onsite at a wedding to create sketches of family and friends. A caricature artist can create fun and upbeat photographs of all of the people who are in attendance at the cocktail hour. It can also be fun for guests to be able to take home a memento of something other than a candle, box of chocolates or other "traditional" wedding gift.

3. Foster an open layout

It is also a great idea to create an open layout for a cocktail hour and to get as many people as possible into the area. An open layout allows more groups to mingle with one another and not feel confined. A floor plan that is overlooking a beautiful nature scene, such as an ocean, can also foster more conversation amongst the guests at a wedding. Other nature settings that one may want to consider include a mountain setting, golf course setting or rustic forest setting.

4. Provide servers with mini food dishes

You may think at first thought that having tables set out with food would be most appealing for guests. The reality is that some may get turned off as food dishes are devoured and food is splattered on dishes. Hiring servers to walk around and offer delicacies can be a great way to appeal to guests and create a great cocktail hour. If you need to save money, then try putting an ad out for local college students or who wish to make a few extra bucks. This can be a great way to stay in budget and still provide an extra convenience to guests.

5. Offer guests a drink fast

One of the greatest ways to host an excellent cocktail hour is to ensure that guests have a drink as quickly as possible. Make sure that guests have a drink in their hands as soon as they walk through the door.

Following these tips will make for a lively and entertaining cocktail hour. It is always a great idea to pay attention to detail when creating a fun cocktail hour for all of your guests!

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