5 Wedding Reception Ideas You'll Love

5 Wedding Reception Ideas You'll Love

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Did you know that Puritans actually banned wedding rings because they thought they were frivolous? Unlike the Puritans, you’re likely looking for ways to bring fun to your wedding -- and that often begins with the reception. While all your friends and family are, of course, gathered to watch you promise your love to each other, what people remember about a wedding best is often the reception -- this is when they get to talk to other guests. as well as you and your fiance. This is when they get to eat, drink, and have fun.

That said -- you may still be on the lookout for great ways to shake up your wedding reception. Here are five ideas you’re going to love!

Rent a Photo Booth

Even though you’re going to likely be spending a pretty penny on a photographer for your wedding, the truth is that capturing your special day is about more than poses and candid shots. Renting a photo booth gives your friends and family a chance to get a little bit goofy -- and it’ll also give them something to take home with them. According to The Knot, there are over  90 potential companies offering photo booth rentals in NJ, and many of them are rated as “affordable” and “inexpensive” -- making it a perfect addition to most budgets!

Satisfy the Sweet Tooth With a Dessert Buffet

Wedding cake tends to be a pretty polarizing offering at receptions: you either like it or you don’t, and a fair number of people will opt out of taking a slice of your cake no matter how delicious it is -- whether it’s the flavors you chose, dietary restrictions, or something else completely. For this reason, it can be fun to have a “dessert buffet” that offers your guests a ton of favorites they can choose from, including some healthier choices (chocolate covered strawberries, anyone?).

Plan Out Party Games

While some people might roll their eyes at party games, it’s important to remember that many of your guests may not know that many other people at your wedding reception. Party games give people something to talk about and bond over once they’re done talking about you! It doesn’t need to be anything complicated: Bridal Guide recommends giving each person at the table a puzzle piece that ends up being the menu for the evening. Or try out wedding bingo, where people can mark off things like “friend of the bride” or “wore white shoes”!

Nostalgia Is In

Have you ever seen Millennials get excited over something from their childhood, whether it’s a game of Operation or an episode of Rugrats? Play this up at your wedding with your entertainment options. A life size Jenga game, for example, will appeal to young and old alike. Alternatively: Buzzfeed has the unique suggestion that your guests actually write out their blessings for you on Jenga pieces, so that every time you play together you’re reminded of their well wishes! Or what about a “life size” version of Candyland? It might take a few weekends to put this together, but you can guarantee people will be going bananas over something like this at your reception.

The Giant Picnic

About 35% of weddings now take place in an outdoor wedding venue. Why not make it a picnic? Instead of supplying guests with chairs, instead set out colorful blankets throughout the space (just make sure to have enough chairs on hand for elderly guests, or those who find the ground uncomfortable) for the ceremony. If you’re having your wedding indoors, a “picnic theme” is easy to carry through -- and affordable as well! From checkered tablecloths to picnic baskets as centerpieces, it’s easy to see how this will make your reception visually interesting -- and fun as well!

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