6 Fantastic Wedding Menu Options to Consider

6 Fantastic Wedding Menu Options to Consider

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Everyone knows there will be cake, but they can never guess as to what the receptions has in store for appetizers, cocktails, or dinner. Choosing the catering menu for your wedding is just another great way to surprise your guests with a delicious treat at your wedding. Even if you are seemingly overwhelmed by the different options at your disposal, do not be discouraged. The meal should be one of the best parts of your ceremony, and it will be the one most of the guests will be looking forward to.

These 6 fantastic wedding menu options are yours to consider in order to help you narrow down your choices and choose the most scrumptious meal for your wedding.

Hors D'oeuvres

While you and the wedding party are taking photographs, the rest of your guests will be waiting for the reception to start. Mingling and cocktails will keep their moods light, but you should offer an array of appetizers and hors d'oeuvres to tide them over until the reception.

Our wedding package comes with a long list of flavorsome finger foods that are just as fun to eat as they are tasty. Additionally, you get to choose 8 options from our long list, giving you the opportunity to please everyone - even the pickiest of eaters. With vegetarian options like tomato and onion bruschetta, to hearty snacks like mini lamb chops and teriyaki kabobs, you will be sure to please each and every one of your hungry guests.

Sit-Down Dinner

A traditional sit-down meal is a romantic way to enjoy lunch or dinner with your guests. It gives them time to sit closely with one another, celebrating your special moment, as well as plenty of chances to toast and cheer you and your groom. If you're taking a more formal approach to your wedding and your reception, a sit-down dinner will better accommodate your sense of style. Guests can enjoy elegant service without having to get up from their seat, and each plate will be delectably designed to fit your wedding aesthetic.

Buffet Style

Opposite of a sit-down reception, buffet style menu options inspire a more laid-back atmosphere. Guests will be in charge of choosing their own foods and can enjoy lighthearted mingling as they move around the reception space.

Buffets can also be less expensive than plated dinners, and if you are planning on inviting a lot of guests or guests with small children, a buffet can work to your benefit. A buffet also gives you more liberty to choose different types of food, and you can offer specific buffet areas for specific foods.

Cold Antipasto

When it comes to choosing the food on the menu, everyone will expect a warm meal. However, if you want to keep them on their toes, opting for a cold antipasto menu can be a pleasant surprise. Cold menu options work great for late spring and summer weddings, especially if you are holding a reception outdoors.

You can add a sophisticated spin to the menu by dressing up ahi salmon or tuna with cold mozzarella cheese and fresh veggies. One of our favorite restaurants in New Jersey - Rare Steakhouse - offers an exception cold antipasto catering menu that offers meat, fish, and fresh veggies to accommodate you and your guests' diets.

Sushi Bar

One way to splurge on your reception is to offer a unique menu option that is separate from the existing catering menu. Something like a sushi bar can be a great surprise for guests, especially if you keep it in your back pocket and don't reveal it until the reception begins.

Sushi and sashimi are wonderful finger foods that go well with warm and cold meals, and it can give pescatarian guests a few more options when choosing what they want to eat. We offer an excellent sushi bar where different rolls are prepared fresh in front of each guest by one of our exclusive and authentic skilled chefs.

Martini Bar

Beyond the hors d'oeuvres and the dinner, guests will want to know what's available at the bar. Whether you are doing open or cash-only bar, a martini bar can be a fun addition to a reception. With premium gins, vodkas, and mixers, your martini bar can stimulate whimsical behaviors on the dance floor and some pretty exceptional toasts. Our exclusive martini bar presents an array of cocktails in an ice sculpture, giving your wedding reception an extra jolt of elegance that is equal parts beautiful as it is entertaining.

What's on your wedding menu?

Whether you're looking to wow your guests with an exceptional plated dinner or give them the time of their lives with a beautiful buffet, these fantastic wedding menu options should help you get well on your way to that final decision.

Remember, if you have guests with food allergies or dietary restrictions, be sure and ask your caterer how they can be accommodated. Many restaurants offer vegetarian, vegan, and even gluten-free menus for guests who require them. Ask your guests to specify their diets on the invitations so you can guarantee that everyone has the most delicious meal possible at your wedding.


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