6 Wedding Decorations for a Perfect Outdoor Wedding Ceremony

6 Wedding Decorations for a Perfect Outdoor Wedding Ceremony

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Are you having an outdoor wedding ceremony? If you’re in the great outdoors, generally the setup is not provided like it may be in a church. You have to plan the layout and decorations yourself to create a ceremony that is visually stunning.

In an effort to provide some inspiration, we compiled a list of 6 essential wedding decorations for an outdoor ceremony.

1. A podium

If you have family members or friends reading during your ceremony or your celebrant perhaps isn’t so experienced, a podium is a really good idea. Standing behind a podium is a lot less intimidating for people when they are speaking, and it allows them to rest their readings on something. It’s also a great place to clip a microphone, so it doesn’t need to be held in hand.

2. An elevated stage

Do you want your guests to see you during the ceremony? An elevated stage that holds at least the couple and the celebrant, if not the bridesmaids and groomsmen too, is essential. This way, people won’t be craning their necks to get a glimpse of you, and everyone will be able to get a good look.

3. An arch

A centerpiece backdrop during the ceremony is often a popular touch, and most often this is an arch. You can choose from a multitude of decorations for your arch, whether it’s an amazing floral arrangement, or exquisitely draped fabrics. Keep the theme and colors of your arch tied in to the theme and colors of your wedding, and be sure the arch isn’t too busy or large as to drown out the beauty of the bride and groom!

4. Chair covers or sashes

You’ve got the white or metal chairs all sorted out, but have you thought about decorating them? Many people choose to decorate their wedding ceremony chairs with either some fancy covers or some pretty sashes. This will elevate the chairs from being simply that – just chairs – to being truly “wedding chairs”.

5. Floral decorations for the aisle

Have you considered lining your aisle? A nice way to do this is lining the aisle with flowers or greenery. It is an outdoors wedding after all, so you should incorporate elements of nature. Make sure these decorations aren’t in the way of the guests or chairs – you don’t want any falls.

6. The right backdrop

Where is the ceremony being held? Think carefully about your backdrop. An ivy wall? Overlooking a pond? This inbuilt decoration is just as important as the other decorations.

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