7 Beautiful Wedding Dresses That Aren’t White

7 Beautiful Wedding Dresses That Aren’t White

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If white or off white wedding dresses bore you to tears, then find inspiration from these amazing celebrity wedding dresses that were packed full of color.

#1: Jessica Biel

When Jessica Biel married Justin Timberlake, no one could’ve expected that this usually conservative dresser would choose to wear not only a pink gown, but a pink veil to her wedding, too. And the pictures are like ones that we can only dream about in our princess fantasies - a blushing bride, and a handsome groom, all fairly traditional, except for the color of her dress.

#2: Kaley Cuoco

In terms of the perfect shade of pink, we think Kaley Cuoco had it nailed in her wedding to Ryan Sweeney. With a bouffant skirt and strapless bodice, the pink to almost mauve gown was an absolute show stopper at their wedding. Her pretty, patterned wedding veil was the icing on the cake for this particular beauty, and she was radiant throughout.

#3: Gwen Stefani

Gwen Stefani has always been a woman blazing her own brand of personal style, so it should come as no surprise that the dress that she choose to wear to her wedding with Gavin Rossdale wasn’t an off the rack type of deal. Her beautiful dress was a one shouldered gown that seeped in ombre from white up top through to a deep pink, almost red color at the bottom hem.

#4: Keira Knightley

Kiera Knightly was channeling Carrie Bradshaw when it came to her wedding registry knot tying with husband Jamie. The light pink outfit that she chose to wore was an above the knee tutu with strapless bodice, with a cute jacket thrown over the top. The carefree style was the embodiment of this star.

#5: Kelis

Rap royalty Nas and Kelis’ wedding was an affair to remember, especially because of the outfits the pair wore. While Nas wore an all white ensemble, Kelis chose a pretty, strapless princess design that was ombre from white through to mermaid green. We especially love this choice as it is a nod to personal style without straying too far from the traditional.

#6: Dita Von Teese

Never one to follow others, Dita Von Teese was out to make a statement in her wedding dress when she married Marilyn Manson in brilliant purple taffeta that shimmered with shades of pink. Not only was her gown a bold choice, her updo was outstanding, with purple and shades of mohawk to it. It was the perfect outfit for their couple personality.    

#7: Sarah Jessica Parker

Sex and the City beauty, Sarah Jessica Parker, wed beau Matthew Broderick in a surprise wedding in 1997, in an entirely unconventional color, especially for this style maven - black. Which usually reserved for gothic style weddings, SJP made her choice look both beautiful and pretty, a tough choice for this color.

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