7 Winter-Inspired Cocktails

7 Winter-Inspired Cocktails

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Winter is upon us! Which means that summery cocktails like vodka, lime, and soda, are no longer going to be a great choice for weddings and parties. You want something that is going to be warming, something to indulge in. That’s where our list of these 7 winter inspired cocktails comes in. Find out our top picks for winter warmers.

1. Mulled Wine

Warmed up wine? Yes please! Slow cook a red wine with a variety of spices like cinnamon, star anise, and rosemary, and drop in delicious fruits like apple, orange, or cranberry. Left on the stove for a few hours, the wine melts into a delicious flavor explosion that’s served warm, or even piping hot.


2. White Russian

White Russians are a bit like having a delicious boozy milkshake and they’re super easy to make! The recipe combines equal parts vodka, coffee liqueur, and cream – or milk (if you are feeling less indulgent).


3. Irish Coffee

The old favorite, Irish Coffee, is number 3 on our list of the best cocktails for winter. The warming combination of coffee and whiskey gives you a double kick of coffee, and boozy goodness. Irish coffee can be enjoyed as your morning Cup of Joe, or the perfect after dinner treat. You can even make your own variations on this one by adding Kahlua or Baileys instead of whiskey.


4. Hot Toddy

Heating up with a traditional Hot Toddy is another good way to keep warm in winter. A Hot Toddy is honey, lemon, cloves and whiskey, steeped in boiling water. You get bonus points for this one as the combination of honey and lemon is great for soothing sore throats and fighting off illness.


5. Eggnog

There’s nothing that quite says Christmas spirit more than a bit of eggnog. The recipe combines egg yolks, sugar, milk, cream, bourbon, rum, cognac, and nutmeg, for that holiday treat that’s hard to pass up on. If you’re a sucker for all things Christmas, then eggnog is always a winner.


6. Hot Buttered Rum

We’ve got another hot drink for you. This one features the delicious flavors of spiced rum combining rum with sugar, butter, allspice, cinnamon and water over a pot on the stove. Make sure you drink this one warm!


7. Bloody Mary

There’s more than one way to warm up you know. If a bit of chili to get the fire started is more your scene, then Bloody Marys are always a good option. The warmth of the Tabasco and pepper can get you fired up inside, plus if it’s made from tomato juice – or clamato juice if you’re feeling a little bit Canadian – then it’s gotta be good for you too, right?


At Il Tulipano, we offer the perfect venue for your wedding, and our catering can accommodate any type of winter cocktails that you see fit! Use our list as inspiration, or add your own to achieve the ultimate list of cocktails for your most special of events. Call us to find out what package options we have available.

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