8 Bridesmaid Gift Ideas

8 Bridesmaid Gift Ideas

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Bridal party gifts have become an integral part of your wedding day. These are small tokens to bridesmaids to let them know how much you appreciate them and to remind them always of the wonderful time you spent with them on that day. Have a look at our gift suggestions:

1. An overnight bag

Since you’ll all be getting ready for the big day together, and you’ll have probably spent at least one overnighter with the girls before your wedding, an overnight bag that’s personalized with your wedding details, or maybe just their monogram and your date is a great gift to give in advance.

2. An inscribed mirror

Make sure that your bridesmaids are able to check up on their makeup throughout the day by gifting them with small, engraved mirrors that will fit easily in their purse. Whether it’s their name, your wedding date, or bridesmaid and a love heart, any script you like will fit and these will be handy additions for every girl.

3. A silk robe

If you’re all doing the pre-wedding sleepover thing, then you’ll need something fabulous to wear while you’re sitting around the hotel room or house. Silk robes are gorgeous and can be used again and again.

4. A shawl

You don’t want your bridesmaid to freeze when the sun goes down on your wedding day. If their outfits don’t include a little shrug, then you might like to give them a soft pashmina shawl in your bridal colors.      

5. A personalized hip flask

When you’re leaping around on your wedding day, your bridesmaids might need a little liquid courage to handle the day, too. A miniature personalized hip flask filled with your favorite drop is a nod to soothing their nerves, since it’s not only you that’s nervous!

6. A special clutch

Your bridesmaids are going to need somewhere to pop their phone, lip gloss, and keys on your big day, so it makes sense to get them a nice clutch – one that they’ll be able to reuse over and over again. Soft leathers in muted tones can be a good choice here.

7. A Tiffany’s bracelet

If you’re looking for special, then a little gift from Tiffany’s is the perfect gift. A small, delicate bracelet to wear on the big day is a wonderful gift that your bridesmaid will cherish forever.

8. Diamond or pearl earrings

Instead of costume jewelry earrings for your bridesmaids, why not get them the real deal as a bridal party gift? Small diamonds are a great option for most wedding themes, and pearls are just perfect for a romantic style wedding.

Don’t forget that the boys can give bridal party gifts, too! Something like cufflinks for each of the groomsmen, or a pin to wear can make good gifts for the fellas.

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