A Beginners Guide to Planning a Green Wedding

A Beginners Guide to Planning a Green Wedding

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Your guide to an eco-friendly wedding!Parties are costly affairs, usually resulting in a lot of trash and travel, neither of which are good for the Earth. What party is larger than a wedding? You can celebrate your big day with style and cheer without wreaking havoc on the planet at il Tulipano!


Although it may be tacky to send out invitations via email, you don't have to be wasteful. Allow your guests to RSVP by phone or email. Don't include too many inserts into your envelopes, which also requires more postage. Print on both sides of the invitation to save paper. Use recycled paper that's biodegradable and include a seed, so that your guests can compost the invitation and use it to grow a new plant in your honor.

Apparel and Jewelry

Everyone knows that a wedding dress is only worn once in her lifetime. After that, they can sit in a closet or storage simply taking up space. All too often, the same happens with bridesmaids as well. It's a waste of the resources required to make them, and it can also be quite costly. Consider renting dresses or wearing a non-traditional (white wedding dress). In fact, you might find the dress of your dreams at a resale shop, and you can be certain no one else will be wearing it!

Similarly, you might find your wedding ring that's pre-owned, saving the Earth and saving yourself money. Ebay is a great place to find a ring or other wedding jewelry. Recycled or up-cycled jewelry has become more common in recent years, too. Just check out sites like Etsy.

Decorations and Floral

If your favorite flower isn't in season near you, don't import it. Instead, consider flowers that are locally available. Plus, you'll be supporting local businesses, which is a kind move. Perhaps you have your own garden. Consider planting the flowers that you wish to have at your wedding so you won't have to buy or ship them at all!

Shy away from one-time use paper and plastic goods too -- and styrofoam is even worse for the environment. If you have no other choice than paper, consider making your own or recycling paper. You can even get biodegradable silverware.


What's more wasteful than all the packaging you'll throw away after opening gifts on your wedding day? Instead of gifts, ask your guests to make a donation to your favorite charity or even plant a tree in your honor.


When your guests travel from around the country -- or world -- and everyone is driving back and forth from church to hotel to reception area, you're certainly not helping the environment. Skip the destination wedding, and you'll also save money in the bank. Encourage everyone to carpool or consider renting a fuel-efficient vehicle to transport your loved ones to and fro. If you like going rustic, consider a horse and buggy for a country feel. Who would forget a wedding where the bride and groom rode off on a scooter?

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