A Great Gatsby Inspired Wedding

A Great Gatsby Inspired Wedding

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With its ornate settings, bejeweled gowns and themes of passionate romance, the Great Gatsby has inspired the dreams of many brides. Now, it is easy to recreate the roaring 20s and create an elegant Gatsby-themed wedding in a few ways. Whether you invest in sparkling chandeliers or encrusted wine glasses, you can mimic the roaring 20s and delve into your own world of the Great Gatsby. Here are some affordable tips for making your own wedding filled with the wonders and mystery of the Great Gatsby era.

Create a sugar pearl wedding cake

Sugar Peal Wedding CakeIf you are on a budget, then creating your own sugar pearl wedding cake may be just in order for you. You can save on wedding expenses by purchasing a plain wedding cake and simply adorning the cake with strands of sugar pearls for a stunning 20s look. There are also other toppers that can be purchased online, such as mini nightingale birds and other decorative items, which can be easily placed on top of the cake for a Gatsby-worthy look.

Choose a sequin sheer gown

Noticing what women wore in the 20s is key for picking out your wedding dress. If you want to go all out and embrace the Gatsby theme, then you will want to find a gown that is reminiscent of the gowns that Daisy Buchanan wore throughout the film. It is important to remember that slits and chic silhouettes were all the rage in the 20s. Anything with sequins will also have an extra flapper flair that will create the impression of this era.

A traditional black tux for the groom

Traditional Black TuxThe groom can also take notes from Leonardo DiCaprio's character in the Great Gatsby for his fashion style. In the film, men were all about wearing traditional, handsome suits to achieve a great look. The BLACK by Vera Wing line of suits is an option that men always have if they are looking for a new suit to wear. Pricing is available on an individual basis for men.

Give her a vintage engagement ring

If you know that your lovely future bride wants to host a wedding with a vintage feel, then you can complement her tastes by offering her a vintage engagement ring. There are so many antique cuts that you can find online to find the perfect setting for the woman you love. Looking for a setting with detailed engravings around the shank is crucial when you are looking for the right engagement ring.

Chandelier earrings for the wedding day

Chandelier earringsChandelier earrings also add that extra touch of sophistication that the roaring 20s was all about celebrating in its culture. Check out chandelier earrings that feature emerald, yellow or blue gems for a look that Daisy Buchanan would love.

These are some of the top tips that anyone who desires a Gatsby-inspired wedding can look to for creating the wedding of his or her dreams. The goal is to make it easy for guests to feel like they are stepping into a scene from Fitzgerald's most famous novel.









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