Celebrity-Inspired Wedding Hair, Makeup and Dresses

Celebrity-Inspired Wedding Hair, Makeup and Dresses

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Your big day is almost here! The wedding venue, music, food, limo, bride's hair, makeup and dresses all take advance planning. In New Jersey, the most sought after wedding venue is il Tulipano. Since 1982, brides have relied on us to make their most important day a fairy tale wedding and dream come true. We make it a priority to live up to our reputation in New Jersey for providing wedding excellence.

For the blushing bride, wedding hair, makeup and dresses all play an integral part of your magical wedding day. Today's brides look to celebrity-inspired coiffures, makeup and designer dresses to guide them in their wardrobe choices.

Classic Updo's, Modern Waves and More

Kate Middleton Wedding Hair














Each bride has her own personal preferences in hairstyles. On her wedding day, she wants her hair to complement her attire. She may choose a medium length simple style like celebrities Kiera Knightley or the romantic Victorian look worn by Jessica Chastain. Today's brides prefer long flowing locks that appeal to celebrities like Duchess Kate Middleton's, a classic upsweep or short perky style like actress, Drew Barrymore.

A Flawless Complexion

Nicole Kidman Radiates Translucence 

Kate Hudson Beautifully Blushed - Wedding

A bride wants her face to radiate translucence on her special day like actress, Nicole Kidman. Yet, she also wants a hint of blush like celebrity, Kate Hudson. Wedding makeup should appear understated and coordinate with the brides wedding dress, reception dress and her honeymoon attire. A dab of lip color and shadow is sufficient to set off beautiful skin, hair and eyes.

Glamorous Wedding Dresses

Jessica Biel's Blush Wedding Dress

Modern day brides not only need a wedding dress for their ceremony, but one for their reception. Delicate pale pastels as well as traditional white are the most popular colors. Jessica Biel rocked her blush pastel dress. Brides everywhere fell in love with the wedding gowns of Duchess Kate Middleton and actress Katie Holmes. Wedding dress styles can be pencil slim sheaths with a small train or strapless with a high waist and billowing skirt for their ceremony. For their reception, brides select a wedding dress that makes the couple's first dance picture perfect.

Wedding Neutral Simple Smokey Eye Makeup {#/pub/images/NeutralSmokeEyeCelebrityInspiredWeddingMakeupilTulipano.jpg}

If you're not a fan of any of the above listed celebrity-makeup looks, you can never go wrong with a neutral, smokey eye. A standard smokey eye is a dramatic and bold look overall, ideal for a night of dancing with your girlfriends. This neutral smokey eye is a toned down version of the classic style which is fairly common. Follow il Tulipano's "Bridal Hair & Makeup" board on Pinterest for more inspiration before your special day comes around!

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