Creative Pre-Wedding Party Ideas

Creative Pre-Wedding Party Ideas

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Once the question has been popped, there’s more than just a wedding to plan, there’s a whole list of fun festivities in the lead up to the big day. There’s parties on parties to plan and they should all be as fun and as themed as your wedding itself.

What sort of pre-wedding parties are common in the wedding leadup? Here’s the list and what’s involved in each:

Engagement party

This is the one that comes directly after your engagement, and in some cases, involves the engagement itself, either as a surprise to the future bride, or as a coordinated effort between the couple.

Fun ideas for an engagement party include:

  • A cruise along a river or waterway

  • An engagement brunch

  • A jazz themed engagement party

  • A white engagement party, where all the guests wear white, since they can’t at the wedding

Bridal shower

Similar to a baby shower, this is a gathering of the ladies where gifts are given to the future bride that are to adorn the new marital home. It is often held at the bride to be’s mother’s or sister’s home.

Try out these ideas at your bridal shower:

  • A floral arrangement shower, where your guests learn flower arrangement

  • A beauty shower, where you and your guests enjoy facials, mani-pedis, and more

  • Creative shower, where you all make crafts for use during the wedding

Bachelor and bachelorette parties

These are big ones and either involve a night out with just the girls or just the guys, or sometimes even up to a week vacation in Vegas! These parties signify the end of single life for the bride and groom to be, and can often be filled with raucous games and activities.

Ideas for clever bachelor and bachelorette parties include:

  • A weekend winery escape

  • A pool party, complete with elaborate inflatable pool toys

  • Around the world rum party, with rum sampling from all regions

  • A golf, baseball, football, etc. day

  • Karaoke

Rehearsal dinner

While the rehearsal dinner should follow the actual wedding dinner fairly accurately, that doesn’t mean that you can’t have some fun with your family and close friends. Choose to liven up your rehearsal dinner a little.

The best creative ideas for your rehearsal dinner are:

  • Having a tiki themed rehearsal dinner for a fun spin on the night

  • An afternoon picnic rehearsal dinner – because it doesn’t have to be at night!

  • A beach themed dinner, if you’re off on an island escape for your honeymoon

At Il Tulipano, we don’t just host weddings, we love to host your pre-wedding festivities, too. If you’re off on a destination wedding, then hosting your pre-wedding parties at our venue is a great way to enjoy all that we have on offer before your actual wedding. Whether it’s your engagement party, or your bridal shower, or your wedding itself, we can accommodate you and your guests, ensure your event runs smoothly, and provide you with the ultimate day or evening out. Contact us for more information about our pre-wedding or wedding packages.

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