Fall Bridal Makeup Looks

Fall Bridal Makeup Looks

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Brides go through a lot of work to look gorgeous on their special day. In addition to the dream dress and timeless hairstyle, make-up is also an important part of projecting a picture perfect image. Make-up experts and countless beauty gurus suggest playing up one or two of your favorite facial features, which prevents make-up from looking over the top. Experiment with various techniques from the latest fall trends and create a personalized look.

Bold Lips

Some brides prefer the nude look to prevent smudging or smearing. However, the selection of matte lip stains allows brides to add a bit of dramatic color without having to worry about the traditional woes of wearing lipstick. Some of the more popular fall color choices include reds, plums and playful orange shades. Use caution not to over-emphasize lips in contrast with the rest of the face.

Natural Smokey Eye TutorialAlluring Smokey Eyes

While the traditionally consisting of black and grey combinations, recent trends lean more toward creating the look with subtle shades.

Brown eyes look awesome with a smokey bronze lid color paired with purple liner.

Bring out the green in your eyes by combining purple eye shadow with khaki toned liner.

Blue eyes dazzle when pairing silver shadow with gunmetal eyeliner.

Restrict eyeshadow to the area spanning from the eyelashes to the crease and avoid bright colors on the brow line. Make sure that all formulas are waterproof to prevent happy tears from ruining the look.

Classic Liner

Brides might also skip the lid color all together and instead accentuate eyes using nothing more than eyeliner and thick mascara or false eyelashes. Experiment with thin, thick or a cat like appearance. If lids need a touch of color, use matted flesh tones. Apply contouring color on the cheeks to lead the focus to the eye level.

Blushing Bride

The dry, matted complexion is out and the youthful dewey appearance with a hint of blush is in. Expose skin to a good hydrating treatment then apply a silicone based foundation. Use highlighter on the tops of cheekbones and a splash of color on the apples for a young, innocent look. Avoid using too much color on the eyes or lips.

Glam it up on your special day!Natural Looking Brows

Thin, overly tweezed brows are currently being replaced with a slightly fuller version. Grooming techniques now merely mean removing stray hairs below the arch line. If thin brows will not fill in sufficiently for your wedding day at Il Tulipano, try using a powered brow color to give the impression of fullness.

The Nude Look

Not all women enjoy the look of wearing make-up and using nude techniques provides the chance to appear natural but give enough of a contrast that photographs capture the beauty. Choose a light and a dark flesh toned eyeshadow. Cover the lid with the lighter color and add the darker color to the crease line.

If opting for liner, use brown instead of black. Highlight eyelashes with tint or a hint of mascara. Add depth by applying a shimmery color to cheekbones and a slightly darker color to the hollow area below the cheeks. Complete the look with a glossy, nude lip color.


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