Fall Cocktails for your Signature Wedding Drink

Fall Cocktails for your Signature Wedding Drink

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Fall is a great time to hold a wedding. The weather is cooling down, so you and your guests aren’t too hot but also not too cold that you’ll need a coat. The pictures are gorgeous as the leaves on the trees are shaded a multitude of colors. One of the finishing touches you should consider for your fall wedding is what sort of signature cocktail to have on the menu.

Signature cocktails have become a trending element of modern weddings. While previously, guests have beer, wine, and champagne to choose from, and maybe select spirits, it’s now become quite popular to put a signature cocktail on the alcoholic beverages selection.

For a fall wedding signature cocktail you should consider something sophisticated and slightly warming – this is not a time for pina coladas, after all. So, we’ve put our heads together and came up with our favorites for fall wedding signature cocktails. See if there’s something that you’d like on your list!

Dirty Martini

Dirty martinis are a bit of a classic around here. Whether you choose to go for a vodka or gin martini, these are always in fashion. Add 2fl oz vodka, 1 tbsp dry vermouth, 1 tbsp olive brine, and 2 olives with a toothpick through, stirred and served in a martini glass. The perfect mix – just make sure your guests don’t down too many of these, they have quite a kick!


Moscow Mule

A light, refreshing drink, but still with that hit of sophistication, the Moscow Mule is always a delight. To make a Moscow Mule, you add 1 & ½fl oz vodka in a highball glass with ice, ½ cup of ginger beer, and then add 1/2fl oz of lime juice and stir together. It’s not quite Russian but it sure is close!


Espresso Martini

Espresso martinis are the coffee drink that even non coffee lovers will drink with glee. There are multiple variations on the espresso martini recipe, however our favorite mixes two parts vodka to one part crème de cacao and one part Kahlua. Shake with ice, then serve in a martini glass with a coffee bean or two to garnish.

These are just some selections that you could consider for your signature cocktail for your fall wedding. It is important to use good quality spirits in your cocktails, to make sure they are delicious and as traditional as intended.

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