Fantastic Fall Wedding Schemes

Fantastic Fall Wedding Schemes

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When planning your wedding, one of the first things people ask is what your wedding colors are going to be. Some brides choose an overall theme for the wedding and develop a color palette that fits the theme, while other brides select a few colors and use a more general theme such as romance or love. Whether you prefer the traditional fall color selections or you are drawn to something a bit more unexpected, there is a fall color scheme you are sure to say "I do" to.

Traditional Fall Color Schemes
Surround your guests with the natural beauty of fall using signature fall colors such as those of the changing leaves. Burnt oranges, deep yellows and succulent reds are all colors that remind people of fall. If you want your wedding to have traditional fall colors, choose a palette that incorporates one or more of the most commonly seen fall colors. While most brides consider a two hue color scheme, fall weddings lend themselves beautifully to a three color palette. Try red, orange and brown or red, rust orange and golden yellow as your traditional fall colors.

Fans of more muted colors may choose fall wedding colors such as chocolate brown, nude beige, ivory and olive green. Any combination of these four colors works for a warm and elegant feeling fall wedding.


Enchanted Garden Fall Color Schemes
Though garden weddings may be more popular in the spring and summer, the colors used to create these themes can be easily translated into a fall wedding scheme. Create your own fairytale garden using luxurious fall colors such as forest green, ivory, plum purple and even lighter colors such as lavender and dusty rose.

Three color palettes for an enchanted garden theme may include deep olive, ivory and splashes of purple as an accent color or purples, mauve colors and a forest green for your accent. When building a setting for your very own fairytale be sure to include lots of twinkling lights. String white light strands from tree branches for a rustic, yet intimate decoration.


Glittering Jewel Fall Color Schemes
Imagine yourself as royalty on the day of your fall wedding and choose color schemes with deep jewel tones. When it comes to selecting regal fall colors you are limited only by your imagination as colors reminiscent of glittering gems are right on trend in the fall. Pair a deep sapphire blue with a radiant amethyst or use a ruby red with a vivid gold. In fact, a fall wedding is a great setting for using an actual metallic gold either as a main color or as a glittering accent to other color selections. For added sparkle, use gold sequined tablecloths with deep maroon colored rose arrangements for the tables at your reception.


Unique and Unexpected Fall Color Schemes
The most important thing for brides of all seasons to remember is that their wedding day is the gathering of family and friends to celebrate the love they have found in and with their partners. That means that the day is a major reflection of you two as a couple and as such, you should never feel limited by certain seasonal colors or expectations when planning your wedding.


Brides that love a hot pink color might consider pairing this bright hue with a more subtle, and fall-like, chocolate color. Neon orange can be used in fall when paired with a softer peach or apricot orange. Colors such as coral and mint look beautiful year-round and lend themselves perfectly to a rustic wedding vibe.

Planning your wedding day is a stressful, but hopefully joyous as well, occasion. Choosing a color scheme helps you to organize your ideas and thoughts and tie together all of the unique details that make your day so special. Choose colors that reflect your personality, style aesthetic and the love you share with your future husband.


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