Festive Summer Wedding Themes

Festive Summer Wedding Themes

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Nothing celebrates the summer months more than a charming wedding. While the special day remains a memorable event for the bride and groom, there are a number of ways to make lasting memories for the guests as well. From the colors, to the setting and unique features along the way, couples easily create a spectacular event. With over two decades of wedding planning experience, Il Tulipano guides couples along the planning path. Let us help you create the amazing occasion you desire!

Nature's Rainbow

One of the first choices a bride makes concerning the big day remains building the event around the perfect colors. Colors determine the mood and establish the overall tone of the event. Floral arrangements come in any color imaginable either naturally or with a little help from talented florists. The palette continues to the dresses, the men's wardrobe, the cake, the invitations and other décor accents. Consider the combinations in the following list that represent some of the latest choices for summer weddings. The options are endless with a wide variety of hues available.

• Black, white and red
• Blue and white
• Blue and yellow
• Coral and gray
• Light gray and pink
• Orange and yellow
• Pink and green
• Pink and yellow
• Monotone-varied shades of one color
• Neutral colors-beige, ecru and white

The Great Outdoors

Outdoor ceremonies and receptions continually appeal to couples. Choose a fragrant garden or a lovely vineyard. Use elegant tents that provide protection from the sun, but allow the beauty of the natural environment to enhance the occasion. Decorate trees or other outdoor structures with Chinese lanterns or twinkling lights. Il Tulipano has hosted a number of memorable outdoor weddings, browse through our photo gallery to catch a glimpse of what your wedding could look like.

Stave Off the Heat

Instead of traditional floral bouquets, consider elegant hand fans. Continue the theme for guests by offering traditional accordion styled fans or sturdy wedding programs attached to a simple popsicle like or bamboo stick. These options allow everyone from the wedding party to the spectators the opportunity of staying cool. An alternative for daytime events might include colorful parasols.

Refreshment Bar

Whether designed as a self-serve location or manned by a designated guest, a refreshment bar offers a fun accompaniment to the cake table. Stock the location with juices and soft drinks for younger guests along with an array of colorful bottles, fresh fruits and syrups for cocktail lovers.

Dessert Buffet

Consider this option in lieu of a traditional cake, or combine the two on the same table. Display a variety of luscious fresh summer fruits along with elaborately decorated cupcakes, selections of confections and other snack options.

I Scream, You Scream, We All Scream

Nothing says summer quite like ice cream cones and the treat is sure to delight guests of all ages. There is probably nothing more refreshing than a creamy cold cone or a cupful of a delicious fruity gelato. For elegant affairs, have waiters serve guests. For a fun-filled festival event, locate an ice cream van.

Planning the perfect wedding often presents an overwhelming task. We can help eliminate the stress by offering our expert services. For more information, contact il Tulipano!


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