Four Ways to Beat the Heat at Summer Weddings

Four Ways to Beat the Heat at Summer Weddings

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Dreaming of a summer wedding, but worried the high temps will ruin your big day? With a little planning and creativity, you can create a beautiful wedding that won’t leave guests melting halfway through the ceremony. Follow these four tips to beat the heat and plan the summer wedding of your dreams.

Stay in the Shade

When choosing your seating arrangement, consider the time of day and location of the sun. Even if the wedding ceremony itself is in direct sunlight, offer shaded areas for guests before and after the main event. Select a venue with trees to provide natural shade, or set up canopies and tents in strategic areas.

Offer Ongoing Hydration

Hot summer days call for extra hydration. Keep guests cool and content by offering drinks throughout the big day. Skip the boring bottled water and get creative with a lemonade station, juice bar, or popsicle stand, and encourage guests to serve themselves before and after the ceremony.

Have Fun with Party Favors

Ditch the traditional party favors and go with something guests can use to cool off. One creative bride gave guests a hand fan that doubled as the ceremony program. Other ideas include individual misters at guest tables, sunshades, or a mini bottle of insect repellent.

Dress for the Weather

The simplest way to keep cool is to dress accordingly. Consider the temperature when choosing attire for the wedding party. Switch out the traditional groomsmen tuxedos with linen or seersucker suits, or ditch the coats and stick with dress slacks and shirts. Pick lightweight fabric and sleeveless or short-sleeved dresses for bridesmaids.

The most important tip on your wedding day? Have fun. If you have a good time, your guests will enjoy themselves no matter the weather. Remember to keep your cool and soak in every moment of your big day – after all, the celebration is for you!

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