Getting Married in NJ? Helpful Wedding Planning Tips

Getting Married in NJ? Helpful Wedding Planning Tips

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When you start to plan your New Jersey wedding, you'll probably find that friends and family members will want to offer you advice. While some of this advice can be useful, the wedding planning process can easily become overwhelming. Use these simple and useful tips to stay organized and make your dream wedding a reality!

Follow the Leader

Finding a venue is usually the first step in the wedding planning process because your wedding date needs to be booked as soon as possible. Going with a venue that has experience in handling weddings is the best choice.

Venues that dedicate time to helping happy couples book their big day have contacts in the local wedding community. Il Tulipano works with both vendors and couples to make the planning process go as smoothly as possible. Check out the recommended vendor's page to learn more.

Staying Organized

Investing in a wedding planning binder is a simple item that can help you keep track of every vendor that you are using. Even if you are able to remember which vendors you have chosen, it can be difficult to determine which package you decided on, how much each vendor is charging for their services or what time you decided to have the vendor visit the wedding venue.

If you don't want to buy a binder that is specifically intended for wedding planning, consider buying a standard binder and tabs for each aspect of your wedding. For example, tabs can be made for entertainment, food, venue, clothing and flowers. Invest in a hole punch to keep important paperwork in your binder.

Recruit Helpers

The bride often takes on all of the responsibility when it comes to planning her wedding, but other people can handle some of the tasks to make the entire process more manageable. The groom should certainly be involved, but the maid of honor and best man also have a role to play when it comes to booking appointments, attending fittings and making sure that the bride and groom have the best experience possible.

The bride and groom can select a menu from Il Tulipano. The bridal party may want to help out to make sure that guests will like the final menu selections.


Everyone involved with the wedding needs to keep an open line of communication to make sure that changes and progress in the planning process are known. Provide vendors with more than one contact number just in case one number is not available when important details need to be relayed to the bride and groom. Exchange cell phone numbers with anyone who is involved in planning so group texts or quick phone calls can be made as necessary.

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