Handling Bad Weather on Your Wedding Day

Handling Bad Weather on Your Wedding Day

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As a bride, you would like to have complete control over every aspect of your wedding. Unfortunately, controlling the weather isn't possible. So, what's a bride to do when the weather forecast predicts bad weather on your big day? 

Have a Plan B: When you're checking out outdoor wedding venues, make sure to ask what the rain plan is. Rain isn't unheard of on the day of a wedding, so trust your vendors. They understand the venue, their craft, and have dealt with all kinds of weather issues. Your vendors will make sure that everything runs smoothly.

Be Prepared: If you want your wedding outside no matter the rain, make sure that you make the necessary changes in order to do so. Letting your guests know to be prepared for the weather and buying matching umbrellas for your wedding party with cute rain boots will be a must on the to-do list. If your wedding absolutely has to be moved inside, be open-minded. It's understandable to be upset, but instead of letting the change ruin your day, be positive and have fun! Your wedding will be beautiful no matter what.

Consider Both Major and Minor Weather Issues: Rain is usually the primary concern when having a wedding outdoors, but you also need to take unreasonably hot or cold and other weather conditions into consideration. Your guests' comfort and safety is a main concern, so be prepared to be accommodating. If it's too hot, think about bringing in fans and providing your guests with cold beverages before the ceremony begins. For colder weather, heaters can be set up around the venue to keep your guests warm.

Wedding Insurance: Wedding insurance is a must have because it protects a couple's investment from circumstances beyond their control. If the weather truly is out of control on your wedding day, a wedding insurance policy will make it possible to postpone your wedding and receive every penny lost - this includes money for the invites, cake, catering, attire and etc.

Embrace it!: If you're only dealing with a little rain or snow, don't be down. Make the best of the situation by taking advantage of the weather. Some of the most beautiful wedding photos have been taken in not-so-fabulous weather conditions!

Il Tulipano knows the ins and outs when it comes to accommodating your wedding, rain or shine. If you're looking for a great New Jersey wedding venue, set up a tour with us!

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