How to Book Your NJ Wedding Reception

How to Book Your NJ Wedding Reception

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Creating a guest list, table settings, picking out décor, and tasting all of your different menu options are just a few of the perks you get when you plan your wedding reception.

However, before the party begins, you have to make the final booking first. Booking your NJ wedding reception venue involves a few steps and a little careful planning. Here’s a breakdown of the major tasks involved when booking your wedding reception.

Setting Your Budget

Before you book your wedding reception, decide how much you intend on spending. Your wedding reception will involve not only a beautiful wedding venue but also a delicious menu, drinks, photographs, decorations, maybe even live music.

It’s your reception – go crazy! However, know where you stand when it comes to the price limit on each. That way, you know where to start when you go looking for the perfect space and entertainment.

Finding the Perfect Venue

Finding the perfect venue for your reception can get a little tricky. The day of the week you’re planning to have your wedding and even what month of the year can greatly influence both the price and availability of your dream wedding venue.

You also have to consider the size. Are you having a formal, sit-down reception with a large party? Or a small, intimate cocktail hour? Either way, you want to make sure your venue has the perfect space for you.

Knowing Your Vendors

Booking your wedding reception means picking out a caterer and deciding on a menu. Many wedding venues, like il Tulipano, offer their own menu, which they prepare in-house. Be sure to ask if you can have a tasting when you take a tour. Other venues will provide you with a list of preferred wedding vendors in NJ that they work with.

Booking Your Wedding Reception

Once you’ve decided on a place and know for sure that it is available on your special day, it’s time to make the official booking. This booking will lock you into the space in that time slot, ensuring that you and your guests have a place to party.

We recommend booking your reception well in advance so that you get the space you want on the day you need. Some brides reserve their space over multiple days until they decide on the official date, especially if they want a specific venue. If you already have a date picked out, call your venue prior to booking to make sure the date you need is still available. Spaces can fill up quickly, so it’s important to act fast if you spot a space you like.

Choose the Best Venue for Your Wedding Reception

When you book your wedding reception in New Jersey, always consider the local events and weather that can influence the availability of your venue space and vendors. Summer is a busy season for New Jersey, and if you are planning a summer wedding, make sure to book well in advance in order to reserve the space for you and your guests.

Weekends can also take up the time of your caterers and entertainers. If you plan on working with many different vendors, be communicative and upfront about your dates. This way, everyone will be on the same page and you can rest assured that everything will go smoothly as soon as you’re ready to party.

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