How to Budget for a Fabulous Wedding

How to Budget for a Fabulous Wedding

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Budget wedding ideas and tipsA fabulous wedding does not have to break the bank. The first step is drawing up your budget plan and putting caps on how much you want to spend on each element of your ceremony. Knowing where to draw the line and finding the best deals is key to having a wedding that accommodates your guests and your budget. These following tips will help find all you need to budget for a fabulous wedding.

Research and create a budge plan
Make a list of everything you want to have for the perfect wedding, then trim the list. This will help you prioritize. By making this list, you’ll know exactly what you need and where you can trim the price tag if necessary. When you know how much money you’re working with, you’ll be better able to make decisions that insure the quality of your ceremony. 

Make your own invitations
You can save a lot of money by buying high-quality paper from an office supply store and designing your own invitations on the computer. Hand-made invitations have a more sincere quality than the store-bought kind, and many guests will appreciate your effort and creativity.

Find a venue that will accommodate both the ceremony and the reception
Hosting the ceremony and the reception in the same location will help you save money. Many venues offer package deals if you choose to have both events in the same place, so as you’re looking for the perfect spot, be sure to ask if there is special or reduced pricing for combining the events. It will also reduce travel costs for your wedding party and your guests if they aren’t required to drive or park in two separate places.

Sample Sales
Finding the best dress does not mean breaking the bank. Sample sales can be your best friend when it comes to bridesmaids’ dresses, the groomsmen’s suits, and your dream wedding dress. Many designers will have sales in-between seasons when new dresses are about to come out, so call up the boutiques and ask around for different designers and different sales. It is also conducive to buy off the rack, as many boutiques will offer discounts on prices, cleanings, and modifications.

Keep the dinner and dessert simple and tasty
Food and drink is the favorite part of the wedding for many of the guests, but instead of splurging on the meal, treat them to an appetizer or dessert buffet. Cutting out the entrée can save you a lot of money, and by replacing it with an array of delicious, bite-size options, your guests will have the opportunity to nibble and dance the night away. If you are feeling exceptionally creative, you can always make your own dessert. Skip out on the elaborate wedding cake for homemade cupcakes, cookies, or brownies that are unique to you and your special ceremony.

Prepare to go over your budget
There are going to be unknown costs or splurges that you may not anticipate, so when you make your list and plan your budget, take special time to note places where you can cut more if necessary. This will help you avoid unwanted stress when you spend more on the dress or the DJ than you originally planned.

The best way to stay on budget is to plan out all the details of your wedding so that you know exactly what you want and exactly what you need. However, just because your wedding is on a budget does not mean it won’t be fabulous.

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