How to Choose the Perfect Local DJ for Your NJ Wedding

How to Choose the Perfect Local DJ for Your NJ Wedding

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Your wedding DJ determines the soundtrack to your big day, so it makes sense to choose carefully. Now that you’re engaged, there’s plenty to do, and when it comes to picking a DJ, there are a lot of things to consider. Read on to learn how to choose the perfect local DJ for your NJ wedding.

Determine What You Want

First thing’s first, sit down with a piece of paper, your favorite note-taking app, or even an email to yourself and write down what you want out of your wedding DJ. What kind of music do you want them to play? Are there particular songs you want to be sure they have on record? What budget are you able to pay? Do you want them to act as the emcee throughout the event or just focus on the music? Once you’ve decided all of these things, make a list of questions you want to ask potential DJs. (Learn more tips for choosing your wedding vendors.)

Make Your Short List

Post on Facebook and ask if your friends know any great DJs. Check lists of recommended vendors like the one on our website. Elegant Sound Production and Sizzling Sounds have both worked for us for years, maintaining excellent standards along the way. Once you’ve compiled your list of vendors, start by looking at their websites to determine if they are right for you.

Call & Ask Your Questions

Remember that list of questions you wrote up? It’s time to put those to use. Go through and call each of the DJs on your short list. Ask the necessary questions and determine who fits into your budget and fits your other requirements. Be sure to ask about music selection. They’ll definitely have the 10 most popular wedding songs, but that doesn’t mean they will have all of your favorites. While you are on the phone, ask for reviews from past clients and any video/audio clips they may have to show their style and presence.

Make Your Decision

You’ve got all of the information you need now. You likely have narrowed your list down to just a few vendors who can meet your needs, date, and budget. Now, it all comes down to reviews and style. In addition to client and online reviews, consider things like music selection, mic voice, and vendor attitude to pick the perfect local DJ for your NJ wedding.  

We have tons of information to help you plan your NJ dream wedding. Don’t forget to contact us if you are still looking for the perfect venue.

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