How to Embrace Your Messy Wedding Day Weather

How to Embrace Your Messy Wedding Day Weather

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Is it true or is it a myth that everyone wants to have picturesque clear blue skies with not a cloud in sight for their wedding day? While it might be brilliantly stunning for such a sight, sometimes it simply doesn’t work out that way. And depending on what time of year it is, you might have to think serious contingency plans if the sun doesn’t manage to shine.

But you know what? With you and your partner shining brightly, the sun won’t even be an issue. Here’s how to embrace your messy wedding day weather, with a few awesome tips to plan ahead.

Messy weather can make for amazing photographs

While brilliant blue skies are very pretty, you know what’s even cooler? Swirling, crazy weather – especially in black and whites. So while your friend might get stunning weather, you might just get the more stunning photos which will last you for a lifetime.

Plan ahead with your own designed umbrellas

Now this is a fun one. If you’re planning a wedding where you’re not sure what the seasons will do, why not get your own custom made umbrellas just for the day? Too cute. What’s even better is guests can take them home for a memento of your special day.

Buy coats or jackets to match wedding outfits

There’s a simple rule with weddings: The bridal party must always be matching. If cooler weather is anywhere on the horizon, make sure to pick out coats or jackets for the bride and bridesmaids that will tie in with the style of dresses. You don’t want everyone showing up shivering or in mismatched jackets do you?

Choose a venue that has an indoor backup for a garden wedding

Garden weddings are beautiful; there’s no doubt about it. But that being said, we can’t always account for the weather. The best decision is to choose a spot with a garden setting but also a lovely, suitable indoor area for your ceremony should things not go according to plan. With gorgeous indoor and outdoor spaces for all wedding ceremonies, Il Tulipano has this one covered!

Consider a marquee

If you’re dead set on the garden, there’s always the option for a marquee. This way, even if it’s sprinkling with rain, your guests will be safe and cozy. Just be wary that a marquee is not going to keep standing should a hurricane come through.

At Il Tulipano, we know that the weather doesn’t always go to plan. That’s why we’ve got a range of backup options for your day should mother nature decide to throw a spanner in the works. Ask us about our options should messy weather loom on your special day.

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