How to Find the Best Wedding Venues in NJ

How to Find the Best Wedding Venues in NJ

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Search for “wedding venues in NJ,” and nearly half a million results will pop up. Not exactly helpful when you’re trying to narrow down the list to find your dream venue! With so many NJ wedding venues to choose from, how can you pick the best location for your day?

Every venue has unique benefits and services. Here’s a few things you should keep in mind while you’re planning your big day:


Important Questions to Ask Yourself While Choosing a NJ Wedding Venue

No matter your budget, there’s a few answers you’re going to want to establish first.

  • Do they have the date -- or backup date -- I want available?

  • Do they have the capacity I need for the number of guests I’m inviting?

  • Does the layout work for what I want to see at my wedding (cocktails, reception, dance floor)?

  • Are there any major restrictions that could affect my event (a certain time you need to leave by, for example)?

  • What extras does this venue provide (linens, chair rentals, tents, etc)?

For more questions to consider, check out A Practical Wedding’s guide to choosing a venue.

Picking a Venue When You’re Short on Time

The average length of a wedding engagement today is about 14 months. However, not everyone has that much time to plan. Whether you’ve put off planning, or decided to get married in five months because the next alternative was a date two years from now, you’re the couple that’s pressed for time. What sort of venue options should you be considering?

  • A venue that already looks great. You’re not going to have a leisurely year to color coordinate everything and find decor besides -- a barn wedding, for example, might be too big a DIY project for your timescale. Many indoor venues already look picture-perfect for your day, with few alterations necessary.

  • A venue with associated vendors. Normally, 9-12 months before the wedding is when couples choose everything from their caterer to their photographer. Life will be easier if you choose a venue with vetted/recommended caterers, bakers, etc. At il Tulipano, we offer trademark Italian cuisine cooked by award-winning chefs.

  • A venue in an easy-to-get-to area. The countryside is great for photographs, but not so great for hotel locations. If you’re inviting guests fairly last minute, then you’re also asking them to book a room without too much advance notice.

Choosing a Venue When You’re Budget Conscious

These days, who isn’t getting married with a few student loans still in tow? If your budget is tight, this will affect a lot of the wedding choices you make. What sort of venue do you need?

  • A venue with a wedding planner. A wedding planner can be a big expense, even if he or she helps keep you sane throughout the months of planning. Find a venue that offers wedding planning services included with your event - you’ll get the support you need without having to shell out additional funds.

  • A venue that can host the ceremony. When you book a church and a reception hall, you’re paying two sets of fees -- along with the cost of transportation and likely spending money simply on the “padding time” it takes you to move from place to place. Finding a venue that can handle both can help cut down on your budget (and make your guests happy!).

  • A venue that is all-inclusive. A venue that offers food, drinks, and either its own or partner vendors such as photographers and florists can potentially help you save on these costs.

If you’re looking for a New Jersey wedding venue, follow our tips, and feel free to contact us if any of your planning questions need answers!



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