How to Handle Rain on Your Wedding Day

How to Handle Rain on Your Wedding Day

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In one of Alanis Morissette’s most well known songs -- Ironic -- she laments the instance of “rain, on your wedding day.” For many brides, rain is real and present threat. You’re planning this event so far in advance that no weather app is going to be able to accurately predict whether you’ll have blue skies or stormy winds.

April is a popular month for weddings, but with it comes April showers. What can you do to beat the rainy day blues if it rains during your wedding? Here are a few tips.

How to Handle an Outdoor Wedding in the Rain

Unless you live in a desert, there is always a chance that it will rain during your perfectly planned outdoor wedding. You will essentially need to plan as if it will rain, rather than having a few hastily put together plans at the last minute. A rainy day wedding doesn’t have to be an awful experience, though. Here are a few things you should do for the outdoor section of the ceremony.

Have enough umbrellas for everyone in the ceremony

It really will make a visual difference to have matching umbrellas, rather than three black, one polka dotted, and one child’s duck-shaped umbrella in the mix. It’s a good idea to have some extra umbrellas and cheap plastic ponchos on hand for your guests, as well (you can pick up a couple dozen of these at most dollar stores, or Walmart).

Make sure your vendors are okay with it

As LuckiestGirlEver points out, some of your vendors might even be excited to work in the rain (namely: the photographer) just because it’s so uncommon. At any rate, though, you’ll want to make sure they’re on board with the weather conditions as well.

Consider having a rental tent as backup

If you didn’t plan on having an outdoor tent reception, then sure, it might end up as an unnecessary expense. However, if you don’t want to have your wedding literally in the rain, this is the way to go. A Practical Wedding has tips on choosing the right size and type of tent. Since the temperature might be a little colder than you expected, you may want to ask about portable heaters for this space, as well.

If You’re Having an Indoor Wedding…

Just because your wedding is taking place indoors, doesn’t mean the rain won’t make a difference! What should you do to prepare?

Look for a venue with a photo friendly location

Typically, wedding photos are shot outside more often than not. If you want outdoor photos but you’re not sure you want your dress and makeup to get rained on, make sure there is a charming gazebo or covered alcove you can pose on. Check out Buzzfeed’s photos of couples who “absolutely nailed their rainy day wedding” for some inspiration!

Don’t be Bride #3 in the venue

Some larger venues double book their spaces, which can get a bit too cozy if you have to be indoors the entire time rather than in and out like you planned. Having your wedding at il Tulipano is easy since it’s a wedding venue with indoor and outdoor space -- and most importantly, you’ll be the only bride there.

Indoor/Outdoor flexibility 

In general, it’s a good idea to look for venues that have outdoor space if you want an outdoor wedding, but can move the ceremony indoors at the last minute if the weather requires it.

And remember…

Don’t forget to buy cute pairs of rainboots for the bride and groom; it will make for some truly memorable rainy wedding day shots that you’ll look back on fondly!

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