How to Know If You Need a Wedding Planner

How to Know If You Need a Wedding Planner

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Did you know that brides will frequently spend at least 36 days planning out their wedding? There’s a number of reasons you might decide that a wedding planner is a good investment for your wedding. 

Not everyone ends up needing one, of course. Deciding on this needs to be one of your first planning decisions -- otherwise, you’ll be paying a wedding planner after you’ve already gotten together many of the major details yourself! So -- is one right for you? Here’s some questions you should ask.

Do I Have the Time?

On a most basic level, a wedding planner will save you time. If you already work 40 hours a week -- or more, or less -- you may not relish the idea of spending another five each week for several months tracking down everything from florists to linen rentals.  Some people relish this planning stage, but if you’d rather kick back with a glass of wine and leave it to someone else… we won’t judge. 

Do I Love DIY? 

Most of us will, sooner or later, attending the wedding of that friend who is the DIY queen. Everything from her dress to the bouquets will have a unique, homemade touch that we’ll likely be jealous of. If you love the idea of taking a DIY approach to your own wedding, then you may not really need the services of a wedding planner.

Do I Have the Money?

On average, a wedding planner will cost you about 10% of your wedding budget. If the cost of the wedding is $20,000, then, you might expect to pay the planner $2,000. In other words, a wedding planner is probably right the right choice for you if you’re willing to do whatever it takes to get your budget as close to zero as humanly possible (hostess cupcakes instead of wedding cake, anyone?). 

It’s worth keeping in mind, though, that for the average budget this can be a bit of a “trick” question. As The Offbeat Bride points out, wedding planners have years of experience, typically working with vendors in your specific local industry. This can give them the leg up on services, especially since they often have working relationships with vendors you’re never going to be able to match. In the case of The Offbeat Bride, she details how the wedding coordinator paid for herself -- literally -- in linking the bride up to better, more affordable services. 

How Much Does Your Venue Provide?

According to our wedding planning guide, a venue is one of the first things you should settle on in your planning process. Some wedding venues offer more assistance and guidance than others in terms of planning your wedding. At Il Tulipano we offer tasteful, award-winning wedding cuisine options (and cake!) so that these details are already taken care of for you.

Similarly, if your ceremony and reception take place in the same venue, you will need less day-of coordination assistance from a wedding planner -- often a vital, final aspect of their role considering how hectic things can be, and how much is going on.

Do I Have Friends or Family Who Can Take the “Day Of” Reins From Me?

How likely are your friends and family to help during the ceremony and reception? If you think of even fairly simple ceremonies you’ve been a part of, there’s usually someone in the background telling bridesmaids when to walk down the aisle, making sure the hors d'oeuvres come out on time, passing out the cake, etc. If you don’t have someone -- or several someones -- who will reliably handle this, or you’re planning a destination wedding that your close friends and family may not be able to attend, then a wedding coordinator may be in your best interests.

At the end of the day, there’s no “right” or “wrong” answer to whether you need a wedding planner. If our experience talking to past brides is any indication, though, you may want to at least look into the service -- you might end up pleasantly surprised by how much value you get!

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