How to Make a Fun Kids’ Table at Your Wedding

How to Make a Fun Kids’ Table at Your Wedding

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Weddings aren’t always just for adults, but if you look solely at the entertainment, you’d probably guess that they are. What are you planning for the kids who attend your wedding? Read on to learn how to make a fun kids’ table at your wedding.

Have Special Kid Food

You’re probably serving fancy food at your wedding, but kids don’t usually love kale salad and chicken cordon bleu. Keep things simple and increase the odds they’ll eat by having special kid food available for your youngest guests. Macaroni and cheese, corn dogs, grilled cheese, and chicken nuggets are simple to prepare in bulk and likely to be loved by the kids who attend.

Print Coloring Pages

Kids’ tables don’t have to be complicated. Print out a few wedding-themed coloring pages and scatter the table with crayons (trust us; don’t provide markers). You’d be amazed how long kids can stay content if they have something to color. Activity pages are also a great option for keeping them busy.

Let Them Play

You can find cheap board games at garage sales or thrift stores. Grab a few that look fun and allow lots of people to play and put them in the center of the table for kids to play with during the reception. You probably want to grab a few more than you think you’ll need because you may be surprised to find a few adults sneaking games off to their own reception tables, too.

Give Them Unique Kid Friendly Favors

Make up little miniature bouquets and tiaras or veils for the girls at the table. Top hats and bow ties are fun gifts for the boys. Encourage them to get into the wedding spirit with clappers or noise makers (if you don’t mind the noise).

Bonus: Add a Video Gaming Area

This doesn’t technically apply only to your kids’ table, but why not add a video gaming area to your reception? Include a comfy couch and a few chairs along with a tv or two and plenty of video games to choose from. This will keep the kids entertained, and may just lead to a few memorable grown-up moments as well.

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