How to Plan a Brunch Wedding

How to Plan a Brunch Wedding

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Going out for leisurely weekend brunches is something everyone loves to do. If you’re planning a wedding and you’re a big fan of brunch, why not combine the two? We’ve collected all the best tips on how to turn your wedding day into a beautiful, light and fun-filled brunch bonanza. Grab a mimosa, put on your sun hat and sit back and relax while we fill you in on all the juicy details.

Think Informal

The best brunches are fun and informal - lazy food and beverage extravaganzas that go on for many hours. Picture a  garden party, simple decorations and a less formal dress code.  An amazing brunch should also be an outdoor event, so consider the season when planning your brunch wedding. In terms of color scheme, fresh, crisp whites work well along with greens and a touch of pastel if you wish.

Be Aware of Timing

Your guests all have different sleeping schedules, so while you may regularly wake up at 6am, they may be a 10 o’clock riser. It’s typically recommended to begin your ceremony after 11 o’clock;  this way even late risers will make it on time. Make it a quick one, too – so that you can get started on the reception.

Don’t Skimp On The Mimosas

No brunch wedding would be complete without the requisite mimosas – and maybe some Bloody Mary’s while you’re at it! Everyone’s favorite brunch beverages should take a leading role on your big day. Find a great recipe so that you’ll be happy with what’s offered to your guests. Don’t forget a couple mocktails for those who aren’t imbibing, too!

Suggest An Activity For Later

Brunch usually wraps up around mid-afternoon, so you might want to think about somewhere you and your guests can head to afterwards, such as a bar or entertainment complex. Add this optional activity to your RSVP cardy as you will need to organize with the venue in advance. It could also be cool to set up an outdoor theatre at your venue, or something similar for when the sun goes down!

Still looking for a venue for your wedding? The gardens and terraces of il Tulipano are a stunning backdrop for a brunch wedding in the sun. Do something a little out of the ordinary and give your wedding a brunch theme – it’s sure to stand out in the minds of your guests for years to come and be a wonderful memory for you and your partner.

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