How to Pop the Question to Your Future MOH

How to Pop the Question to Your Future MOH

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So, your now-fiancé has popped the question to you – you said yes, of course – and now it’s time you pop the question too – to your future Maid of Honor! Your maid of honor will be your go to gal over the coming months in assisting with all preparations so her role is kind of a big deal. She’s will arrange your bridal and bachelorette party, as well as calm all your nerves on the big day. So popping the question shouldn’t be taken lightly. Here’s how to go about it.

Set up a date just the two of you at one of your favorite restaurants

Set up a great little date for the pair of you at one of your favorite restaurants to visit together. It might even be a breakfast or lunch date, so you can hang out for the rest of the day, too – dinner might be a little bit formal for this occasion, plus who doesn’t want to spend the whole rest of the day hanging out with their bestie after?

Prepare a little speech

It doesn’t need to be a long speech. Take some time to think about how much she means to you and how you can put this into words. A couple of minutes of a prepared speech is probably going to be enough of a lead in to popping the question. Most maid of honors might expect you’ll ask them. However, it’s important to outline to her why you would her in particular for this job – make her feel special!

Think about a little gift

A little gift at this point in time might be another way in which you can make your future maid of honor feel special. Something like a best friends charm necklace or bracelet is a little middle school but it’s also a very cute gift to remind her of the bond that the two of you share. If you’re after something a little more sophisticated, other jewelry is a nice gift too – or maybe a spa afternoon to celebrate together (complete with champagne, of course).

It’s important that you choose your maid of honor wisely. You want this woman to be in your life forever, not just a few months after your big day. This is why many people choose their sisters, cousins, or old friends.

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