How to Write Your Wedding Vows

How to Write Your Wedding Vows

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While you were busy making accommodations for the big day, your fiancé decided that you should both to write your own vows. You're nervous - you don't know where to begin. The way her eyes glisten in the sun? The way he picks you up on a bad day? There's so much you want to say, but you're stumped. You have a million reasons to love your fiancé, and a million more to come. Now you just have to verbalize it.

Once you sit down and get your thoughts together, your pen will write freely and you'll wonder how you ever got writer's block in the first place. Here are a few things to consider when writing your vows.

Read up on some examples

Get inspiration from those who have been there already. You can check out texts from your religion or find a sweet quote that strikes a chord.

Reflect on your relationship

Even though you have the rest of your lives to look forward to as a couple, there's already so much you've been through together. Write some notes about how you got to where you are today. Think about:

• How you met
• You firsts: date, kiss, anniversary
• Trials and tribulations
• The meaningful things you've done for each other
• How you both changed for the better

Make a promise

This is what the day is all about, right? You'll both swear to each other that you'll be together forever, through thick and thin. Consider a way to say this that's creative and ties into your own relationship. Only you can decide the vows that best fit your relationship.

Don't get too fancy trying to impress your significant other

If you never talk to your significant other in prose, don't start today. Be yourself; speak simply, and speak from the heart when you tell your new spouse how much they mean to you. You love each other for who you are, not for your ability to write love sonnets.

Keep it about one or two minutes, tops

You want to say everything to your partner, but there may not be a lot of time to say it. If you ramble on, your guests might tune out and start thinking about the delicious wedding cuisine coming up. Read it out loud at a normal pace and time yourself ahead of time to make sure you don't ramble.

Practice out loud and in front of the mirror

Remember when your teacher would tell you to stand in front of the mirror to practice your book report? It actually works. Know it well enough that you don't need to look down at the paper the entire time you're talking. Instead, you'll be able to gaze into the eyes of your partner while you make the promise that you'll be together forever.

When the big day is here, take a deep breath before you read your vows. Your words will make your new spouse swoon and fall for you all over again. Now, try to relax and enjoy your big day!


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