I Just Got Engaged! Now What?

I Just Got Engaged! Now What?

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He popped the question - and you said yes! Congratulations! Now that you are engaged, there are a few steps to take before you start planning your wedding and walking down the aisle.

Engagements are the perfect time to share your happy news with friends and family, ask for advice and tips for planning your wedding, and to start checking out venues and caterers to get your special day started off without a hitch.

These few tips will get you started so that you can start planning the wedding of your dreams.

First, Tell EVERYONE

Even the relatives you have not spoken to in months or even years. Your wedding will be one of the happiest moments of your life, and everyone will want to share it with you. Luckily, a quick post of Facebook or Twitter can cover the announcement for mostly everyone, but you’ll want to pick up the phone and call or FaceTime the people most important to you.

Your parents and his parents will expect a phone call immediately, but don’t forget about sisters, brothers, grandparents, and your best friends from grade school. Everyone will want in on the special news, so take time to tell them before the wedding invitations go out.

Plan the Engagement Party

Once everyone knows, you can start planning the engagement party. Use this as a means to start planning your wedding as well. Pick out colors, bring in possible caterers and let your guests taste and help you decide on food. You may even want to try out a DJ or two.

Your engagement party is not only your time to officially announce the nuptials but it’s also your chance to give your guests a taste of the special day that’s about to come. Our advice is to keep this party small so you can get close input from your favorite people before you dive head first into planning your wedding.

Pick a Date

Once you make the announcement, you know what the next questions on everybody’s mind will be: “When’s the wedding?” But don’t rush. You won’t be able to decide on a fixed date until you check out venues, meet with caterers, and find out what’s available during your time frame.

So in order to answer that question, you and your fiance need to pick out a timeline. Are you thinking winter wedding? Maybe you want to wait a full year? Whatever the two of you decide, pick the timeframe quickly and start letting people know. Not only will this appease your guests looking for an answer but it will also give you a time frame that will help you plan your wedding accordingly without stressing out too much.

Start a Budget

You have an idea of what you want your wedding to look like, and now that it’s finally happening; you can start putting your daydreams into reality. So start budgeting for your dreams!

Find out how much money you and your families are willing to spend so that you know how much wiggle room you have to work with when picking out the venue, the caterer, the entertainment, and the dress. When you know the amount of cash you have on hand, it will make it much, much easier to start planning the fine details and picking out the beautiful accessories and decorations.

Take a Tour of Your Favorite Wedding Venues

With a budget in mind and a general idea of your wedding date, you can start checking out local venues that offer fabulous wedding packages. You and your groom should tour these places together so that you can both get a feel for the place and the dance floor.

There are many things to consider before booking your wedding venue, such as location, size, ambiance, and a variety of other factors. If the venue of your choosing also caters, your tour will also give you the opportunity to taste menu and dessert options; this is another factor to consider when you’re touring a wedding venue.

Start Sketching Out a Guest List

After the engagement but before you officially start planning for your wedding, start sketching out rough ideas for your guest list. Your budget will come into play here as it will determine the size of your venue and your menu, which will predict how many guests can comfortably attend.

Ask your parents and your parents-in-law for their ideas on an ideal guest list, and ask yourself and your hubby-to-be whether or not you want a large, party-sized wedding or an intimate, cocktail-style gathering. Once you have a rough idea of your guest list and an idea of what venues are available for your wedding date, you can start moving from the engagement bliss into the wedding-planning festivities.

Consider your engagement the sweet appetizer to the happiest day of your life. Use your new engagement as a means to get a jump on the wedding planning, because planning your wedding can sometimes take up more time than you initially thought it would. As you announce your engagement, start bouncing your ideas off the people you trust, like mom, big sister, and your best friend. Your bridesmaids will also be a huge help when it comes to deciding on wedding colors, venue space, and food options, so don’t be afraid to ask for a few outside opinions if you start to feel overwhelmed by all the excitement.

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