Ideas to Transform Your Outdoor Wedding

Ideas to Transform Your Outdoor Wedding

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Over the past several years, we’ve noticed increased interest in having an outdoor wedding. Not only are more people requesting this, but more people are also interested in splitting things up -- having the wedding outside but the reception inside, or visa versa depending on location. Approximately 35% of weddings now take place outside.

Part of the charm of having an outdoor wedding is that it opens up so many new possibilities. What can you do to make sure your outside nuptials are truly one of a kind? Here are 7 ideas to transform your outdoor wedding.

Don’t Just Put Out Chairs for the Ceremony

When you think of wedding photos, keep in mind how many of them will be of you standing at the alter. Nature is a beautiful landscape in itself, but sometimes it can pay off to have more going on than just freshly mowed lawn. Bridal Guide recommends having a petal-strewn aisle.

A wedding arch or pergola can also be a great investment, especially because you can continue to use it in your garden afterward for a lasting reminder of your special day. They can be left plain, or decorated with flowers in your wedding colors. Wedding Party App has ideas for purchasing and DIYing a wedding arch -- not only will this frame your ceremony, but it will serve as a beautiful frame in any photographs as well!

Play Up the Garden Theme

How often are you going to be throwing a party outside? And this time, the party is your wedding. Play up the garden theme and get creative with flora. Succulent centerpieces have been trending on many a wedding wish list as of late -- and it’s the perfect natural-ambiance match for your outdoor ceremony. Check out The Knot’s extensive list of suggestions for centerpiece arrangements.

How else can you incorporate the floral elements? Not surprisingly, the cake is a great place. Although frosting roses will hardly be a novelty to most experienced wedding-goers, one cool trend you can try tapping into is having actual, real flowers as a part of your wedding cake. These are typically fresh flowers that can actually be consumed if desired, or real flowers that have been preserved in a sugar solution for a crystallized finish. For inspiration, check out this roundup of beautiful real flower wedding cakes.

Opt for a Venue With Great Indoor/Outdoor Space

As soon as you tell someone you’re having an outdoor wedding, one of the first things they’re going to quiz you about is likely, “what will you do if the weather is bad?” And it’s a good question, because an outdoor wedding without an indoor backup plan will run into trouble. We recommend opting for a venue that has great options indoor and outdoor. Il Tuliopano has the scenic Piazza for our guests craving a slice of the outdoors with beautiful scenery -- but we also have elegant indoor spaces as well.

If you’re set on having a “backyard” style wedding with no easily accessible outdoor area, that’s okay too -- just make sure you’ve got a great tent to keep everyone under. Tent vendors actually have a wide number of tents you can choose from, personalizing everything from the height to the shape (frame tents versus pole tents, for example). We recommend checking out A Practical Wedding’s extensive guide to choosing an appropriate wedding day tent.

Keep it Comfortable

Personalize your wedding with little touches that remind your guests that you’re thinking of them, too. Buzzfeed has a wide variety of suggestions for small favors you can give your guests to get through the ceremony, such as sunglasses, bug spray, parasols, and/or paper fans. All of these items are also easy to personalize with your wedding date or names, etc. for something that guests can take home as a lasting reminder. Be sure to check out their idea for putting camping lanterns under outdoor tables for glowing nighttime mingling, as well!

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