Il Tulipano Wedding Reviews, 2014

Il Tulipano Wedding Reviews, 2014

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In Cedar Grove New Jersey there lies a hidden gem-a place where ordinary nights become cherished memories and where two loving counterparts celebrate their unity with family and friends. OK, so we're talking about ourselves. But it's only because of the amazing feedback we've received from brides, grooms, families and friends! It's our mission to create the most flawless wedding experiences, including everything from our hand-picked cuisine options to photographer, DJ, and florist recommendations.

Don't take our word for it, though. Check out some of our 2014 reviews:

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Il Tulipano Wedding Reviews, 2014 TheKnot

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Il Tulipano Wedding Reviews, 2014 - Yelp

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Il Tulipano Wedding Reviews, 2014 Wedding Wire 1

Il Tulipano Wedding Reviews, 2014 - Wedding Wire 2

Review from Facebook:

Il Tulipano Wedding Reviews, 2014 - Facebook

Whether our parties want a free-flowing outdoor wedding with a more rustic feel, or a more traditional indoor wedding complete with all things white, our venue can (and will) accommodate each and every want and need accordingly. We know how important your wedding day is. That's why our entire establishment-from our chefs, to our servers, to our maitre d's-is built around catering to each wedding party individually. We leave no room for guess work because really, who wants to guess anything on his or her wedding day?

If you're looking for a place to celebrate your wedding in the Garden State, look no further. We are so dedicated to your special day that you might end up wanting to marry us instead. Just kidding! (Sort of). But really, call us for a phone consultation or fill out our contact form to discuss specifics. Even if you're just getting your feet wet in your venue search, we'd love to help.

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