Indoor Weddings vs. Outdoor Weddings

Indoor Weddings vs. Outdoor Weddings

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Choosing the venue for your wedding ceremony is often just as important as finding the dress and picking the cake. The venue has many prerequisites to meet, including comfortably seating all of your guests, providing the proper aesthetic for your ceremony, and fitting into an affordable budget. As you search for a venue that meets these requirements, you may find yourself running into a debate: should it be an indoor wedding or an outdoor wedding? Here are the pros and cons for each to help you decide which wedding is right for you.

Design Your Budget
Beautiful wedding venues exist on every budget, so don't be afraid to write down exactly what you want and how much you are willing to spend. This way, you won't lose sight of what you need when it comes to choosing an indoor or outdoor wedding. Prices vary depending on locale, so do some research on different venues before visiting any of them. Note that certain times of the year are more expensive, like winter for indoor venues and summer for outdoor. If you're set on a specific venue, consider planning an off-season ceremony in order to get the best price.

Assess the Weather
Winter and summer weddings are not necessarily conducive for an outdoor wedding. Extreme temperatures and unpredictable weather conditions can ruin an otherwise perfect ceremony, so if your nuptials are in December or August, an indoor venue with heating and/or air conditioning will be the best fit. On the other hand, early spring weddings can flourish in an outdoor setting. Natural blossoms make for great ambience, and the comfortable weather will insure that both you and your guests enjoy themselves.

Who's on the Guest List?
The photography and place-settings need to be considered when looking at indoor and outdoor wedding venues. For example, if you're planning a smaller, more intimate wedding, the indoor venue offers you the privacy you need. The larger the wedding party, the bigger the venue will need to be, and this is when outdoor weddings may work in your favor. Large, open spaces can comfortably accommodate a sizeable guest list and provide ample room for photographers.

Consider Your Décor
Depending on your budget and how much you want to spend on decorations, an outdoor wedding may work in your favor. The ambience of the beach, natural park, or your own backyard can help you stick to your budget by letting the landscape take care of your décor. Indoor weddings may have more restrictions regarding what types of decorations are allowed and how many.

Where is the Reception?
Consider where your reception is being held as you decide between an indoor or an outdoor wedding. Many venues offer deals for hosting both, and you can often have an outdoor wedding ceremony with an indoor reception on the same property. Depending on the weather, you may want to host both indoors. If you plan on having the reception in a different place, consider travel costs and accommodations. Leaving outdoor ceremonies may be easier, but indoor venues may offer chauffer or parking services.

Whether you choose between an indoor or an outdoor wedding, you will be surrounded by your favorite people, which makes for the best backdrop of all. So take their comfort into account. Weather, comfortable seating, and a convenient reception are all important factors to consider when deciding on your venue. Meeting those requirements may help you narrow down your options, leading you to the perfect wedding venue.

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